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Default New free race board - raplacement for S-Type


I have quite big dilemma with choosing my new board. I the past I ride S-Type 137 with sails between 8,5 and 6,7 (for example NS Crossride or Gastraa Plasma). I some conditions I also used 5,5 sail, which is rather small for S-Type of that size. But before you say anything about 5,5, sail, you should consider my weight it is 105 kg (195cm). The S-Type was for me very nice board quick and also I can use it in more chop conditions.
When I look new boards I saw, that Futura 133 (is it replacement for S-Type?) is more widerer (S-Type was 72 cm). Same thing is JP Supersport 136 (I also use JP board in the past). So what to do? I'm read a lot of topics in different forums. I got filling that new boards (let say free race board) go more to race board (iSonic) with design. In that case I have problem with ride in chop conditions.

With Futura (Supersport) I will probably plane early then with S-Type, but I will have problem with size (width). Alternative option is new Carve (or in case of JP X-Cite). What are characteristics of Carve comparing with Futura? Do I get with Carve option to ride in more chop conditions? I would like to stay with size of board around of 130 liters (sails, my weight), but not lose edge of S-Type board.

In which board group should I look: freeride (Carve, X-Cite) of more free slalom (Futura, Supersport)?
Did anybody ride both board Futura and Supersport?

Thank you for answers!
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I wouldn't get the new Carve. I tried it and it is definitely not what you're looking for. Going from an Stype you would probably find the Carve boring. I have a Futura 93l Wood 2009 which I absolutely love. Fast, jibes really well, light, etc. If you want freerace, go for the Futura. I tried the 2010 XCite rides and it was definitely nicer than the Carve (which I only tried in Tufskin).
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Hi Unregistered,

Is difficult to recommand from 5.5 to 8.5, but what is the sail you use the most, if is the bigger one Futura 133 will be good, if the smaller one the Futura 122

By the way if you are looking something who is more close in volume to your S-Type 137, that will be the Futura 141 but at this time more 8.5 choice and 6.7 when is windy.

All the best

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I have ridden both Futura and Super Sport, prefer the Futura. Have also ridden the S Type, and the Futura is a step up in allround performance, planes ealrier, goes upwind better, same or slightly better top end. Looking at the tail widths, the F122 would be a direct replacement for your ST137. In marginal 8.5 weather, just use a slightly bigger fin to overcome the lesser volume of the 122.
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for more of a freeride (or "freerace") yes, by all means go with the futura, but bear in mind if there's a lot of chop i'm not sure if the futura will handle it well. if you want something fast which is good with chop, consider the kode (which is a little slower than the futura and also realy manouverable)
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Based on the desire to have freerace type of board and going from a S-Type the Futura in the SB range is about right. I went from S-Types (93 and 115) to Futura (93 and 111) in 2009 model range. You will find the Futura does handle the chop well and the new 2011 may be even better. My Futura 93 I've nicked named Moses as it parts the chop and makes everything feel like flatish water.

Also I've found compared to the S-Type you can have a smaller board compared to sail sizing. My 111 I run a 7.7m and I'm 80kgs. I had 2008 Futura 122 for a little while and I ran 8.5m sails on it. My 93 is a 6.5m or 6.2m board, but I've ran a 7.0m on it to.

Go to local store and see if they have one on demo. They may not have exact size you want on demo, but maybe one close to it.
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