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Question Help with board choice ???

Recently been finding freerace kit (125 litres) a touch big and wave kit (100 litres) a bit small...

Thinking of pairing similar volume boards ;ie kode 113 with Isonic 117 (or Futura121 ???)

Weight 100k.. Would use kode for 6 metre and below when rough and Futura 6 metre and bigger when smooth (ish)... Would kode work in rough 6.5 or down to 4.5 ??? (smallest sail)

Dont want to go to 3 boards.. Sail range 4.5 to 7.5 coastal use.

Seems wrong having similar volume boards ???
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"Seems wrong having similar volume boards ???"

Not unusual or wrong.

I have an iS 111 (108 L) and use an 8.4, 7.6 and 6.6 on it

I have a Hi Fly 105 L Move and use a 6.0, 5.0 and 4.5 on it.

And both are 69cm wide.

Different tails, and tail width, rocker, V, thickness. Very different in the way they perform and almost the same in volume.
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Does not seem wrong, but your freerace + wave kit sounds almost ideal for your weight. What makes you think one is a touch big and the other a bit small? 7.5 max suggests that you will no go out below 15 knots, but having a safety margin of ~25L is worth considering, in case the wind drops when you are one mile away from your landing point.
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Agree with safety margin idea; probably go for Futrura 122 .

Have found a few occasions when Freerace has been bouncy but not enough wind for 100 litres. Tends to be around 6 metre weather so thinking of loosing out a bit on sub 5 metre . Hence question about Kode 113 and 4.5 sail.... With 100k on it how would kode 113 cope in rough water + sub 5 metre weather.. Would think sweet spot for kode 113 would be ideally placed for coming off Futura 122 ??? Plus would put a bit of safety margin into "wave" board... (But 113 is sold as loose freerider ????!!! hence dilemna !)

Have had precious few days when 100 litres ideal board for 100k ??? But lots where 125 freerace has been on big side !!!???

Was thinking of getting my F2 style 109 out of retirement ??? But that seems a bit retrograde ???
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