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Default Kode 86 vs Kombat 86

Hi, I am considering to replace my old well used Kombat 86 (Y 2006) with a Kode 86. Anyone doen that transition? What differences can I expect?
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These 2 boards, although sharing the "crossover" or FSW tag are chalk and cheese. I had the 2006 Kombat and it was awful. One of SB worst boards in my opinion. I think the yellow one (2008?) got a little bit better. The Kombat was slow, hard to get planing, just sluggish & heavy. Too much rocker maybe and soft rails for a crossover board. It only suited real heavyweights as a waveboard. Compared to the other brands efforts that were just so much better - Fanatic Freewave, JP FSW, RRD FSW, Tabou 3S....I almost gave up on SB after that board but Im glad I didnt because the Kode 86 is just awesome.

what can you expect?- planes quick, MUCH faster, snappier turning, bit of a harsher ride in the bumps. but just much more exciting all round. starboard went from worst, to best with this design.
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I think you must mean the 2005 (first year) Kombat, mitchie? That first year is a "unique" design. Already 2006 were crisper and with much less rocker, then they have become better and better, I'd say. Between 06 and Kode I reckon you will find a quite substantial difference. I think the performance have gotten more well rounded.
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