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Yes, last phrase...a lot of wisdom in it, you are right!
BTW, check what kind of condition we were in:
cheers mate.
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Awesome waves. Beautiful for SUP, but I would have loved to give windsurfing a try in those light winds. It's worth mentioning again though that the shaping tangent Quatro are following means you HAVE to upsize your board a lot to get light wind effectiveness from it. It's not only the release on the way out but also a certain unwillingness to draw a "sharp line" down the wave at slower speed which means it's more difficult to pick a "high line" and generate maximal energy from the wave. I think it is mainly the very big and soft rails that does it. Of course the Quatro shapes are amazing for other things but it's just important to remember that different shapes react in different ways. Many of my friends ride Quatro quads and despite not being much heavier (maybe 5-7kilos more) they are often on their 90-95 liter boards when I'm still finding my Quad74 effective enough. So I reckon a Quad 82 will get you a long way and a Quad 87 will be a real specialized light wind killer board for you.
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We all did......beleive me! ;-)
Enough, I monopolised you time too much! Ciao!
BTW, I just checked the specs of the Quad's and I understand your tips about not taking too big.

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