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Joost de Ruig
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Default Fin supplier

I have never understood the choice of SB as far as fin supplier concerns. I have two Starboards, S-type 104 (2008) & Sonic 125 (2006), and use MFC fins, which is a great combination for me. SB used Drake fins for a number of years, and I'm not a fan of these fins. A market leader should either sell boards without fins, or choice a brand with the same potential as their own. Drake fins are middle of the road: good enough for freeride, not good enough for competition or advanced sailors.

I have read that SB is in contact with C3. I think Boogie makes very good fins and is also able to make a standard production fin for less money than the custom fins he is producing for a number of years now.

What is SB vision on fins?
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Most Drake fins are designed by top names in the business. Boogie has been involved before (for the speed fin on the original iSonic speed). Curtis Hesselgreave, Deboichet, Mark Nelsson (Drake Natural wave fin) are some other examples. In some cases the production technique may have taken away from teh performance a bit compared to a hand made fin from the men themselves. With a CNC based production like on the new Venom fins consistency and quality should be second to none, though.

And the race boards are now delivered without fins.

In the end it's a compromise between fin cost and what a customer is prepared to pay. In the case or racing boards (slalom etc) it's very much a matter of taste anyway and the willingness to pay a higher board price for an included fin that might be good but nor that customers particular cup of tea is not so high.
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