Congratulations to Starboard team rider Bart de Zwart for coming in 2nd at the Imua Downwind Race in Maui over the weekend.  In pretty challenging conditions, rough water, wind from the side and hard rain at the start, Bart was able to stay just behind James Casey who was on a 17′ unlimited board. Bart was on the Starboard 14′ x 25″ ACE and had this to say about the race and his board choice, “The Ace worked very well in the chop from all sides and picked up the few bumps, most athletes complained that it was the worst or hardest downwind they ever did. With the Ace though I had a fun ride, it was a work out, but I had glides all the time.”

Bart came over the line 5th overall and 2nd 14′ footer class just behind Bullit Obra and ahead of Ryan Funk, Starboard team member, who came in 3rd on the 14′.

Results for the 14′ Division

1st Bullit Obra

2nd Bart de Zwart

3rd Ryan Funk