The national french SUP Surf tour kicked off with it’s first stop last weekend at the SenNoSen La Salie Pro 2017 on the West coast of the French country.

Dream Team rider Benoit Carpentier took the top spot in the final on the second day of a full Surf festival organized by the Ocean Roots Surf Club. The festival included surf, longboard, bodyboard, bodysurf and longboard over three days.

Benoit commented:

“The conditions were not too bad, we were expecting onshore winds and finally there was too much wind. The left and right peak were fun. You had to choose the good waves. I managed well my final with a 5 point ride at the start of the heat. I built on that well. I really appreciated the priority system in SUP Surf. It’s all very positive. I had tough a difficult semi final. Pierre Rollet and Jeremy Massière were very good in the final. The global level is very high. The selections for the Euro and ISA Worlds are coming in the next few days. I’ll have to step it up.”

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Results: SUP SURF Men
1. Benoit Carpentier
2. Pierre Rollet
3. Jeremy Massiere
4. Martin Letourneur