Starboard Duo of Michael Booth and Amandine Chazot have taken a double win at this weekend’s downwind Agios Nikolaos On SUP Race on the Greek Island of Crete in Week 4 of the EuroTour ~ as always an awesome 15km downwind course with great bumps all the way that both  Michael and Amandine took advantage of on their 14 x 21.5 Sprints.

The 4th stop of the EuroTour took place in Agios Nikolaos, on the beautiful island of Crete, Greece from May 26-27th. In the second year of the event running, expectations were high as this year the organizers committed to a major event with a live broadcast.

Saturday saw the national technical race at the astonishing location of Voulisma Beach, a short drive from Agios Nikolaos. The event was a great success with small waves, wind and chop that made all the different categories very colourful to watch.

On Sunday the main event was scheduled with the Elite downwind 15km course, the day ’s weather was a bit unstable, however, the wind showed up early putting all the competitors at ease. Predictions were light, the clouds kept the direction better for the competitors by being more North than anticipated. The race started at the private beach of the event sponsors: The Blue Palace resort that also sits in front of iconic Spinalonga island, which is one of the most visited attractions in Greece.



This was the first stop for the Australian powerhouse Micheal Booth on the EuroTour SUP Tour for 2018 season. Boothy has been in great form early on into the season and continued in great form this weekend where he went out hard early and lead the race from start to finish and finally take the win with an almost 2 min gap from runner-up Titouan Puyo and third place Vinnicius Martins from Brazil. Starboard teammate Bruno Hasulyo also had a great performance on his 14 x 22.5 Ace, pushing Vinni hard right until the end, with Daniel Hasulyo, Leo Nika and Boris Jinvresse all bringing home top 10 finishes for Team Starboard.



In the women’s race, it was an ecstatic Amandine Chazot taking home her first EuroTour title, beating fellow French teammate Olivia Pianna.


I really love to downwind and was expecting such a race. I opted for the Sprint 14 x 21.5 because I love it in these conditions as it’s fast and picks up the smaller bumps really easily. I had a good start and after 1km I found myself in the lead, just as we got into the bumps. I was feeling great and caught glide after glide, to lead the race from start to finish. I am very proud to win this race against a very competitive women’s field!

The Island of Crete is truly and an amazing & beautiful place ~ I feel really lucky to be here so thank you to race organisers, EuroTour and everyone that took part for making such a great event!

– Amandine Chazot



Watch the Live Stream replay of the Agios Nikolaos On SUP Race – EuroTour Stop #4



Women’s Agios Nikolaos On SUP Race Results


1. Amandine Chazot (Starboard)
2. Olivia Piana (425PRO)
3. Sach Noelani (NSP/QB)
4. Susak Molinero (RRD/QB)
5. Caterina Stenta (RRD)
6. Susanne Lier (F-One/QB)
7. Konstantina Kontapinh
8. Maria Panagi
9. Linda Schwaiger
10. Stephanie Libzon (Fanatic)


Men’s Agios Nikolaos On SUP Race Results


1. Michael Booth (Starboard)
2. Titouan Puyo (NSP/QB)
3. Vinnicius Martins
4. Bruno Hasulyo (Starboard)
5. Paolo Marconi (RRD/QB)
6. Martin Vitry (SIC)
7. Daniel Hasulyo (Starboard)
8. Leonard Nika (Starboard)
9. Boris Jinvresse (Starboard)
10. Federico Esposito


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