With less than 20 seconds difference between them, it’s the younger of the Hasulyo brothers who wins the 2016 version of one of the most challenging races in the world and big brother Daniel taking the second place in front of defending champion Steve Teihotaata who manages to finish third behind the SUP Broz.

This race that consists of 5 days of racing some 220 kms through the Dutch Countryside is considered as the Tour de France of SUP and the ultimate challenge in SUP (although there are races 2 or 3 times this distance now, the 11 Cities is considered THE classic endurance race).

The SUPbroz have been training for the past whole year looking towards this race and they dominated this edition from start to finish. Congratulations to both

Also congratulations to Bart de Zwaart, the King of ultra-endurance races, Dream Team rider who finished 9th this year, his 8th consecutive participation where he already won 4 times the event (2010-2012 and 2014)

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