At the same time and location as the Eurotour Long distance race in Schaerbeutz, Germany, the Mercedes Benz SUP World Cup added a technical beach race and another long distance race.

    Incredible performance by Dream Team rider Olivia Piana showing extraordinary form this summer in Europe and winning both long distance races during the same day. But her third place on the technical race meant that Sprints winner Fiona Wilde combined with her second place at the SUP World Cup long distance won the overall title leaving Olivia in second place on the overall scoreboard.

    Connor Baxter showed his racing skills once again taking the victory in the long distance race with four boards length over the viking Casper Steinfath. His third place finish in the sprints the previous day combined with this long distance win gave him the overall win in front of Lincoln Dews who had won the sprints. Lincoln seemed like a favorite to take the overall title in Germany but his fourth place finish in the long distance was just too short and he had to settle for a second place tie with Arthur Arutkin from France.

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    1st: Connor Baxter (4 points)
    2nd: Lincoln Dews (5 points)
    3rd: Arthur Arutkin (5 points)
    4th: James Casey (10 points)
    5th: Casper Steinfath (12 points)
    6th: Bruno Hasulyo (13 points)
    7th: Trevor Tunnington (15 points)
    8th: Michael Booth (19 points)
    9th: Zane Schweitzer (19 points)
    10th: Martin Vitry (20 points)


    1st: Fiona Wylde
    2nd: Olivia Piana
    3rd: Angela Jackson
    4th: Yukon Sato
    5th: Susak Molinero
    6th: Terrene Black
    7th: Sonni Hönscheid
    8th: Manca Notar
    9th: Susanne Lier
    10th: Noelani Sach