singapore-ocean-festival-logoSaturday 2nd December – Siloso Beach, Sentosa Island, Singapore


    The Singapore Ocean Carnival is an Ocean Paddling event for Outrigger Canoe, Surfski and Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board enthusiasts. The inaugural 3 day event was held at Siloso Beach, Sentosa on 1, 2 & 3 December 2017.


    This event plays host to the country’s biggest annual outrigger and SUP championship races with over 300 paddlers participating across all disciplines.  The course set covers Sentosa and Singapore’s Southern Islands, which means that paddlers are challenged with surprising water conditions and currents that will test fitness and racing strategies.


    Starboard SUP Dream Team Rider Daniel Hasulyo was in town to see what all the hype was about;


    “Singapore has shown that it is absolutely on top of their game, both in their vision for a better future of paddling and their high professionalism in the organization of the 10th Anniversary of the Singapore Ocean Carnival! People from all over the World gathered to compete in many different Ocean Paddling Disciplines.”


    Although beautiful, Sentosa and Singapore’s Southern Islands didn’t make it easy;


    “The conditions were absolutely World Class! Intense heat, constant heavy boat chop, jaw dropping visuals and river like current made the 15km course a real challenge to finish! I am very stoked to win this event in ahead of a great field of riders ~ beating the current Hong Kong National Champ, Himson Wong, the paddling legend Craig Winnet, and Olympic Athlete and Thai SUP Champion Ludwig Herman. All these great names on the start line has made clear to me that the level of the Asian Paddlers is on a constant rise and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of this region’s top riders racing competitively in the International SUP circuit in the upcoming years!”


    As usual, after racing, the Hasulyo brothers always find time for fun;


    “I also had my first ever OC6 experience ~ sitting in the defending champs boat with the ‘Mongrels’ team. This was among my most memorable experiences I have ever lived on the water! Thank you very much for every Mongrel for giving me the chance to fight alongside you and for teaching me how to paddle in the OC6! Much respect and love for all of you! You guys are absolute beasts! ?


    Daniel had a great time thanks to an awesome venue and amazing people;


    “The event was run super professional! The venue was a paradise like playground! Wooow! I’m super stoked to have been part of this amazing event and looking forward to come back next year! Massive thanks to our host family Mike Matthews and his wife Sandra, and also Alec Wing, Craig Winnett and the rest of the Team! Special thanks to my girlfriend,  Sai,  for waiting for me at the finish line and hands down big congratulations to everyone who has  finished the race as the conditions were truly man-proving!



    See you there next year? ~ Daniel Hasulyo | SUPBroz & Starboard Dream Team Rider


    Gear featured: Daniel raced with the 2018 14’0″ x 24.5″ Allstar in Carbon Sandwich construction & a carbon Bolt paddle with large blade.