In the women’s surfing, Spaniard Iballa Moreno (@morenotwins) was not settling for anything less than a gold and surfed well throughout the competition, determined to take the win.




“Iballa Moreno from the Island of Gran Canaria is an aggressive surfer, not afraid to take chances and go for broke. Her style of surfing is extremely professional and well thought out, and her finals berth has been long awaited.” ~ @appworldtour

I the men’s, it was clear from day one that both Sean Poynter and Zane Schweitzer had locked into the idea of winning the Title at the New York SUP Open. Both their ferocious talent and professionalism could be felt in every round in Long Beach.




“In the end it was to be a Tiki boy final as @zaniac1 and @seanpoynter, both Starboard SUP teammates, took to the water in the late afternoon to see who would come out on top. By then, the beach was abuzz with excitement, spectators anticipating the win and photographers on the ready.

In the end it was to be Sean Poynter’s day, as he surfed an incredibly smart heat, and put together a strong performance in every respect to take victory at Stop #1 of the 2018 APP World Tour in Long Beach, New York.” ~ @appworldtour





Womens Final Results:

1. Iballa Moreno (Spain/ Starboard)
2. Nicole Pacelli
3= Terrene Black & Dominique Miller




Mens Final Results:

1. Sean Poynter (USA/ Starboard)
2. Zane Schweitzer (USA/ Starboard)
3= Luiz Diniz (Brazil) & Poenaiki Raioha (Tahiti)




Pic Credits: John Carter/ APP