The Pacific Paddle Games once again delivers some of the most exciting SUP racing of the season, and the 2018 PPGs was no exception.

Starboard’s Dream Team riders All-Star cast lined up shoulder to shoulder with the biggest names in SUP racing and once again delivered fantastic results, with stand out performances by Fiona Wylde and Connor Baxter.

Fiona’s fine display of determination and tenacity saw her taking the win in the Pro Women’s Distance race, out paddling hometown hero Candice Appleby (2nd) and a strong Shae Foudy, which took part on Saturday.

The King of “BOP style” beach racing, Connor Baxter, once again reclaims his Pro Men’s Surf Race title in an exciting finish paddling from mid-pack in the early stages of the race, picking away places with stellar wave riding and textbook Hammer-buoy turns.


Watch Saturday’s 2018 PPG Distance Race Replay (Men’s & Women’s)



Watch Sunday’s 2018 PPG Surf Race Finals Replay (Men’s & Women’s)



2018 Pacific Paddle Games Results (Pro Competitors only – see more at


Women’s Distance Race


1 Fiona Wylde 46:58.46 USA Starboard
2 Candice Appleby 47:09.60 USA Infinity/QB
3 Shae Foudy 47:11.34 USA Infinity/QB
4 Seychelle 47:27.11 USA SIC
5 April Zilg 48:41.73 USA .
6 Terrene Black 49:08.99 Australia ECS/QB
7 Yuka Sato 49:10.71 Japan Starboard
8 Olivia Piana 49:25.42 France Rogue
9 Lina Augaitis 49:32.04 Canada Sunova
10 Sonni Honscheid 50:14.64 Germany Starboard


Men’s Distance Race


1 Lincoln Dews (39:15.66) Australia DEEP/QB
2 Titouan Puyo (39:28.06) France NSP/QB
3 Guilherme dos Reis (39:29.08) Brazil –
4 Arthur Arutkin (39:32.18) France Fanatic/QB
5 Michael Booth (39:36.88) Australia Starboard
6 Georges Cronsteadt (39:37.47) Tahiti 425
7 Ty Judson (39:44.10) Australia NSP
8 Daniel Hasulyo (40:07.49) Hungary Starboard
9 Enzo Bennett (40:09.89) Tahiti 425
10 Danny Ching (40:11.87) USA 404
11 James Casey (40:14.92) Australia Sunova
12 Casper Steinfath (40:20.85) Denmark Naish/QB
13 Tom Auber (40:21.54) France Fanatic
14 Bruno Hasulyo (40:21.57) Hungary Starboard
15 Kenny Kaneko (40:52.62) Japan JP
16 Itzel Delgado (40:53.91) Peru Infinity/QB
17 Connor Baxter (41:32.77) Hawaii Starboard
18 Tim Cyprien (41:32.86) Australia Fanatic
19 Martin Vitry (41:35.36) France SIC/QB
20 Ryan Funk (41:37.83) Hawaii Starboard


Women’s Surf Race Final

1st: Candice Appleby (0:28:35) USA
2nd: Shae Foudy (0:28:49) USA
3rd: Fiona Wylde (0:29:29) USA
4th: Terrene Black (0:29:54) Australia
5th: Seychelle (0:30:11) USA
6th: Olivia Piana (0:30:15) France
7th: Jade Howson (0:37:42) USA
8th: Melanie Lafenetre (0:30:52) France
9th: Sonni Honscheid (0:31:26) Germany
10th: April Zilg (0:31:51) USA
11th: Jordan Mercer (0:31:57) Australia
12th: Yuka Sato (0:33:45) Japan
13th: Susak Molinero (0:33:46) Spain
14th: Caterina Stenta (0:34:25) Italy
15th: Abby Baker (0:34:41) USA
16th: Lara Claydon (0:34:44) Hawaii
17th: Emma Reijmerink (0:35:24) Netherlands
18th: Chloe Walkerdene (0:35:47) Australia
19th: Lina Augaitis (0:36:33) Canada
20th: Jenn Lee (0:39:01) USA


Men’s Surf Race Final


1st: Connor Baxter (0:23:41) Hawaii
2nd: Guilherme dos Reis (0:23:47) Brazil
3rd: Arthur Arutkin (0:23:51) France
4th: Lincoln Dews (0:24:09) Australia
5th: Mo Freitas (0:24:27) Hawaii
6th: Michael Booth (0:24:44) Australia
7th: Martin Vitry (0:24:52) France
8th: Danny Ching (0:24:53) USA
9th: Tom Auber (0:24:55) France
10th: Daniel Hasulyo (0:24:56) Hungary
11th: Casper Steinfath (0:25:15) Denmark
12th: Titouan Puyo (0:25:42) France
13th: Bruno Hasulyo (0:25:42) Hungary
14th: Josh Riccio (0:25:52) USA
15th: Kenny Kaneko (0:25:53) Japan
16th: Matt Nottage (0:25:54) Australia
17th: Trevor Tunnington (0:25:56) New Zealand
18th: Slater trout (0:25:58) USA
19th: Christian Andersen (0:26:00) Denmark
20th: Zane Schweitzer (0:26:40) Hawaii



1st: Candice Appleby (USA)
2nd: Fiona Wylde (USA)
3rd: Shae Foudy (USA)



1st: Lincoln Dews (Australia)
2nd: Guilherme dos Reis (Brazil)
3rd: Arthur Arutkin (France)


Feature Image Credit: Sean Greeley Photography