The 19 year old Gorge River Dream Team rider Fiona Wylde won this weekend during the Stand Up World Series her first world title in SUP Race after winning the long distance and technical races during the last event of the year for the women, the Maui World Series Final.

Fiona was diagnosed two years ago with Diabetes I and has never let it get in her way to being in the water and winning events. The young woman has been an example in showing to many that this disease doesn’t mean your life stops, now tops it off with a SUP Race World Title and she always does it smiling.

Congratulations Fiona !

On the Men’s side of the Stand Up World Series, there is still an event left next weekend at the Red Bull Heavy Water in San Francisco. Fellow Dream Team rider Connor Baxter is entering this event leading the ranking by 750 points wanting to reclaim his 2014 SUWS World Title.

You can read a complete report of Fiona’s 2016 World Title on TotalSUP.