Fiona Wylde is professional water woman who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes three years ago. Since then she has gone on to win a Stand Up Paddle Racing World Title and been second in SUP Surfing two years in a row. She finds it important to stay true to your dreams and most importantly stay positive. Whatever hurdle that gets in the way, Fiona believes that there is always a way to get beyond it. That is of how she manages here Diabetes and the way in which she approaches her competitions. Watch this video as she walks us through the ups and downs of competing at the highest level with Type 1 and her mindset to never give up.




“It’s been three years since I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. I would be lying if I said life was easier with Diabetes, but I sure have learned many lessons, most importantly to take care of my body and to put importance on the things that I love.

I love the water and sharing my passion for the water with others! Competing is one of the ways that I have learned to share many experiences, trips, and have made many friends competing on different world tours for windsurfing and stand up paddling.

Regardless of what hurdle gets in my way, whether it be health, life, or whatever it may be, I hope to continue to follow my dream and encourage others to do so!

There are so many people who have encouraged me and helped me along my journey! I thank all of you for your kind works and time!

Let’s keep having fun, loving life, and turning dreams into reality! See you out on the water.

With love,”