With its mix of elite superstars and everyday paddlers combined with a festival setup and early-season “reunion” atmosphere, Carolina Cup is always a special stop on the circuit with Saturday’s main Graveyard event delivering an amazing day of racing with so many incredible stories. The Starboard Dream Team was in town and ready to battle it out.


    “Redemption for Boothy as the Aussie powerhouse takes an epic, hard-fought victory at the Quiksilver Waterman Carolina Cup “Graveyard” Race, the second stop of The Paddle League World Tour (where Boothy is now the ratings leader).” ~ The Paddle League



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    It was a massive victory for the German superstar here at the Quiksilver Waterman Carolina Cup in Wrightsville Beach today. Sonni broke away from early race leader Fiona Wylde at the five-mile mark and proceeded to gap the field to record her second straight win on The Paddle League World Tour. The Starboard Dream Team rider looks to be in career-best form this season and now becomes the clear favourite for the world title.”~ The Paddle League



    Fiona Wylde was all smiles when she crossed the line at the end of the downwind ocean leg in third. ~ The Paddle League



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    2018 Carolina Cup Results: Top 10 Elite Men’s on Graveyard

    1st: Michael Booth (2:03:14) Australia/ Starboard
    2nd: Travis Grant (2:03:21)
    3rd: Mo Freitas (2:03:27)
    4th: Titouan Puyo (2:03:43)
    5th: Georges Cronsteadt (2:03:49)
    6th: Marcus Hansen (2:04:51)
    7th: Lincoln Dews (2:05:02)
    *8th: Niuhiti Buillard (2:05:25)
    9th: Bruno Hasulyo (2:05:30) Hungary/ Starboard
    10th: Danny Ching (2:05:35)
    11th: Josh Riccio (2:05:43)

    *Niuhiti wasn’t initially listed in the results but did actually finished 8th


    2018 Carolina Cup Results: Top 10 Elite Women’s on Graveyard

    1st: Sonni Hönscheid (2:20:35) Germany/Starboard
    2nd: Olivia Piana (2:23:38) France/425
    3rd: Fiona Wylde (2:25:19) USA/Starboard
    4th: April Zilg (2:28:26) USA/Hobie
    5th: Seychelle (2:29:22) USA/SIC
    6th: Candice Appleby (2:30:39) USA/Infinity
    7th: Terrene Black (2:30:40) Australia/ECS
    8th: Shae Foudy (2:31:32) USA/Infinity
    9th: Yuka Sato (2:34:34) Japan/Starboard
    10th: Laura Quetglas (2:37:19) Spain/Starboard



    Pic Credits: Georgia Schoefield