In the men’s race Long Distance Race at the 2017 ISA World Championships was an incredible moment with the victory of Bruno Hasulyo from Hungary taking the Gold Medal and the World title followed closely by Connor Baxter in 2nd place. In third was Titouan Puyo from France and in fourth was the second Hasulyo SUPbro Daniel making their dream of being both on the podium at the ISA Worlds a reality. You can read the new Long Distance ISA World Champion’s insights here below:

What drives you :

Well, ones my Dad told me that the important thing in life  is to do what you really love and that if you choose to do something, do it with all your energy till you are not between the best of the world. And that’s exactly what I’m doing, enjoying everyday paddling and training, and I’m not planning to stop till I’m not the BEST of the worlds.

Morning thoughts on the World champion day

The morning before a big event is always a very special feeling : happy, excited and a little bit also nervous. But the morning before the world championship  was a bit different, it’s one  the biggest competition of the year and at the end of it, they crown a world champion, so yes i was a little bit more nervous then usual but i knew that i have to keep focusing and not loose my concentration because of the pressure!

How do you really feel inside when you crossed the finishing line first?

When i crossed the finish line in Copenhagen in front of that incredible crowd that was cheering for us, well i got an overdose of emotions. I became instantly the happiest person on earth, i knew that all the hard work that i chose to do, paid off and it paid of on the best way possible. With a world Champion title.

Straight after when I saw my own brother, Daniel, who got 4th coming up to me and giving me a big family hug, well that’s a feeling that i think words can’t explain. It’s for those kind of moments, feelings that I’m doing what I’m doing.

How do you train for mental preparation?

I think that at this level of racing mental games are crucially important. There is a lot of pressure and thoughs in every athletes brain.

Usually the winner is someone who is not cracking under pressure. What can you do? Practice, practice and try to project and visionate all kind of game plans, starting from the worst case scenario till the best one. Just to get ready feeling wise for every result.

And i always try to smile and send happiness to all the people around me. I feel that i can perform better when I’m surrounded by happy and clean energy.

How can you describe a perfect day for yourself?

A perfect day in my life for sure it has to start with a nice surf session followed by some nice food and after this, all days are perfect days.

Of course with probably a nap somewhere around lunch time.

How do you feel about ISA and The Olympics?

It’s sounds very promising and incredible and i really hope that i will be able to take part of an Olympic game in my life.

What about your diet, any good hints for what to eat right after a hard session?

Food is one, if not the most important thing in my life. I’m not following any wierd or really special diets but I’m always trying to eat as healthy and organic as i can. My favorite is to eat locally grown food.

My favourite dish after a hard day of paddling is : a nice big salad with mix leaves and some other vegetables, quinoa usually with peans maybe a few hard boiled egg and some light meet : or some fish or chicken.

Which Danish beer is your favorite?

I’m not a huge fan of alcohol, but for sure Denmark has some really good beers! My favorites are for sure the great Wiess beers.

What  is the most important thing in the world for you.

To feel happy and grateful every day.

If you could change anything about anything, what would it be?

I would not really change anything, I’m more like an observing and thinking person, i usually adapt myself to any situation.

Photos: Georgia Schofield – Starboard