Thailand based SUPBROz are currently in preparation for the upcoming 10th Anniversary SUP 11 City Tour, where they hope to set a Guinness World Record with more than 1000 paddlers. The Hungarian brothers have now secured MINI Thailand as their official vehicle sponsor for the upcoming period, supporting them with the latest MINI COUNTRYMAN COOPER S, to make sure that they get the maximum out of their performance while training and during the competition!




Starboard Dream Team riders, Bruno and Daniel Hasulyo, 2 times defending Champions of the SUP 11 Cities Tour (2016 & 2017 respectively), have chosen SUP Station Koh Chang as their location for the preparation for the upcoming event, under the guidance of Strength and Endurance Performance Academy (SEPA).




Koh Chang is known to be an ultra-endurance training paradise, already hosting many trail-running, cycling and triathlon events, among which one of the biggest being the Ultra Trail Koh Chang.




The super cool Mini is a welcome addition as the “Broz” have now received an extra gear to assist their everyday training schedule which consists of a combination of both water and land-based training at various locations, as well as get them to the Bangkok based Starboard HQ for the all-important board testing and development to bring you the fastest race boards.


“Cooperating with MINI is a childhood dream come true! The car is perfectly fitting all our needs. It has good packing space, it’s easy to load boards onto, is super agile in the little island jungle roads and a real beast as soon as we hit the open highway” – Daniel Hasulyo


Daniel and Bruno will be spending the next 6 weeks in Koh Chang, training at SUP Station Koh Chang in preparation for the 10th Anniversary of the SUP 11 Cities Tour, which will take place 5 – 9 September.


“We are very happy to continue our partnership with SUP Station. They have been supporting us since day 1 and we have seen them grow tremendously since then. We were truly impressed when we arrived here, I couldn’t imagine that once again in Thailand, they would have created such a world-class facility. Koh Chang has the perfect combination of glassy flat water paddling, river mouth beach breaks, surf, open ocean and great down winding conditions, with an infinite amount jungle trails for running. As it is a tropical climate, there is also very good quality local fruits and nutritional options so we really have found the most ideal training location in Thailand! Can’t wait to explore more every day!” – Daniel Hasulyo


Dedication and hard work are important characteristics of any athlete, but having a great support network is the key to success and the SUP Broz are stoked.


“Having MINI as our new sponsor is a huge game changer, it’s just the perfect match for our training and exploring of this perfect little paradise! Thanks to Starboard, SUP Station Thailand and the IYARA Group that help us and support us with everything to ensure we achieve maximum performance – I couldn’t be any happier! Stay tuned for more great content from this tropical training paradise” – Bruno Hasulyo


Daniel and Bruno will be racing the 2019 Sprint 14 x 21.5 Carbon Sandwich at the upcoming 2018 SUP 11 Cities Tour. Learn more here:


Picture Credits: MINI Thailand