Congratulations to Sonni Hönscheid for winning the 2018 Hossegor Paddle Games! Dream Team rider continues her great form.

The French surf mecca of Hossegor once again provided exciting racing for stop # 6 on The Paddle League World Tour and week 8 of the EuroTour. Sonni won Saturday’s elite women’s long distance ‘main event’ with teammate Fiona Wylde also on the podium in 3rd position. In the men’s main event it was the Hasulyo Broz duo of Daniel & Bruno both with podium finishes in solid 3rd and 4th positions respectively.



“The Hossegor Paddle Games race today was very complete. Starting off with flat water in the lake and finishing in French shore break. After 7Km and 11 buoy turns later I was the first women arriving at the beach. I was using the Allstar 14 x 23.5, worked really well in those conditions”


– Sonni Hönscheid



This action-packed weekend of racing started on Friday ‘preview evening’ with the 200m shootouts after the event registration. Saturday saw the main long distance event take place on a new and thrilling course that started in the lake and headed out to sea with an exciting BOP style section before finishing on the beach of Hossegor. Sunday saw the Paddle League’s new experimental event with a knockout-style, short-course, beach race format.



“I seem to continue to be consistent, placing 3rd again! It was 85% an upwind race, and in the small downwind leg I went from 4th to 3rd and almost caught 2nd. I think the level of the competitors is rising”

– Fiona Wylde


2018 Hossegor Paddle Games Men’s Results:

1st: Titouan Puyo (0:44:11) FRA
2nd: Lincoln Dews (0:44:27) AUS
3rd: Daniel Hasulyo (0:44:44) HUN – Starboard
4th: Bruno Hasulyo (0:45:10) HUN – Starboard
5th: Marcus Hansen (0:45:32) NZL
6th: Enzo Bennett (0:45:39) TAH
7th: Leo Nika (0:45:44) ITA – Starboard
8th: Georges Cronsteadt (0:46:08) TAH
9th: Tom Auber (0:46:14) FRA
10th: Connor Baxter (0:46:18) HAW – Starboard



2018 Hossegor Paddle Games Women’s Results:


1st: Sonni Honscheid (0:50:32) GER – Starboard
2nd: Olivia Piana (0:51:20) FRA
3rd: Fiona Wylde (0:51:39) USA – Starboard
4th: Seychelle (0:52:17) USA
5th: Amandine Chazot (0:53:46) FRA – Starboard
6th: Laura Quetglas (0:54:25) ESP – Starboard
7th: Angie Jackson (0:54:47) AUS
8th: Kate Baker (0:54:55) ENG
9th: Caterina Stenta (0:55:07) ITA
10th: Stephanie Shideler (0:55:37) USA


Pic Credits: Georgia Schofield for The Paddle League/ EuroTour