Chris Pressler – The passion of windsurfing and travel

Pics: Kerstin Reiger

Chris has managed to tie together a few different interests and has many great trips traveling and windsurfing. We often see many travel stories in places that Chris has visited along with Kerstin. Together they windsurf, and get many great shots as well as Chris competing on the PWA circuit. Together they make a great team and we often get some real nice photographs from Kerstin but also Chris as well. We wanted to catch up with Chris to talk about his many great adventures and how it all started.

You must have been all across the world now, what part of the world has had the biggest impact on you?

Impacts you can get everywhere. I remember a search for a spot in Peru lost in the middle of the dessert. In the end we were lucky and after 6 hours ended up at the beach, which we were looking for. Another experience that had a big impact was when I tried to cross the "Bering strait" from Alaska to Russia together with Thomas Miklautsch.

Where have you been that you would like to go back to from a windsurfing perspective?

Very good question. There are so many spots. For instance Puerto Caballos and Pacasmayo in peru, Fuerteventura’s northshore while wintertime, Dhakla in the western Sahara and the southern coast of Vietnam.

Where have you been that you would like to go back to from a cultural perspective?

There are hundreds of unforgettable moments on many trips. Day by day you get the chance to inhale new cultural experiences. Some unforgettable moments are, the time we were with fishing people in Peru, Eskimos in Alaska, the bus rides in Vietnam and 10 days with a Turkish truck driver on the Mediterranean island of Malta.

Are there any plans in the pipeline to do some more traveling?

Sure, all the time we are planning to go for new trips. In the next two weeks we will start our Serenity tour "Seven Lakes" across Austria. After Sylt we will sail islands in Croatia and visit Hungaria. For the wintertime trips to southeastern Asia are on the schedule.

How do you feel about the upcoming PWA events it was a real shame Korea had no wind this year?

There is one event left at the end of September on the island of Sylt/Germany. We had some bad luck with the wind in South Korea this year. On the days before the event the wind was up. While the competition week there was some wind, but definitely to unsteady. But I really feel optimistic and hope that we will be back at Jinha beach/south korea in 2009. I like the spot and the great organisation.

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