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Everyday we are getting closer to ISAF decision for the London 2012 Olympics. Remi is the Formula Experience class president, and has worked very closely with Svein and the Formula Windsurfing Class to come up with the Formula windsurfing One Design. Now many of us have seen the concept, you may even of seen it out on the water, there are many discussions on the forums about starboards decision to propose a fully planning board for the Olympics. We wanted to catch up with Remi to get the latest feed back on the Formula Windsurfing One Design.

Remi many people have criticised starboard for their choice of equipment and many say we should have put a long board proposal together, what is your view on this?

This is interesting; we have 9 different boat classes in the Olympics and only one windsurfing class. In the perfect world there would be 2 classes a Race–Board class and a Formula class.

Anyway, with the new ISAF policy for the wind range to be between (6 to 25 knots) the FWOD shows excellent potential. At the last world Championships in Portimao, this wind range was perfect for FWOD.

We know you have been coaching Morane for many years now, she has been sailing the FWOD what where her feelings?

At 15 years old she did very well at the last FW World, she used the FWOD equipment while others were using full Formula Windsurfing equipment. She finished 1st in FWOD and 9th overall with an excellent 6th place in one of the races. She was using all the time the FWOD equipment, they raced in a similar wind range to the Olympics it was 6 – 30 knots.

She is really happy and excited about this proposal and will try to go to the Olympics, if the proposal is accepted.

Did you sail the FWOD in the formula world championships? What did you think?

Yes I was using the equipment but had a very bad crash, this meant I had to stop racing for this year, I had very good speed and had a lot of fun also. My main reason for going was actually to help promote the FWOD.

Pablo Ania finish 1st in FWOD and 39/84 overall in the Formula Windsurfing World Championships. It really shows the FWOD is working great.

Yes it’s not as good as a full Formula equipment for the reason that, a full formula package with 3 formula sails and 3 formula fins is designed specifically for maximum performance in a small wind range.

However it’s by far better than the current Olympic board setup, 1. It is far far cheaper, 2. It’s a class of windsurfing that is already developed, 3. It provides a wider range of racing. Finally I think that if you look at the previous Olympic boards, the general trend is that we are moving closer to a planning board. First you had the Windglider, then the Lechner, then the Mistral now the RSX.

The general comments I get from the racers who are using the FWOD equipment, they say it’s working great to go to the Olympics. They think the class will attract more people to the Olympics as the board is a lot cheaper than full Formula equipment and of course the RSX.

We are very excited to see the current Formula racers race with the RSX racers all sailing on the same equipment. The competition and standard of windsurfing would be very high and also very exciting to watch.

From putting the proposal together earlier this year, and now been sailing it for a few months are you still happy with the decision to choose formula for the proposal?

This summer I show the FWOD equipment in many place like Torbole Italy for the Slalom Youth and Master Championship, Fuerteventura and Alcati (Turkey) for a PWA Slalom event, Bandol (France)European Formula Windsurfing and Experience Youth and Master Championship and finally Portimao.

The general comments I got from the racers were very interesting; they think the equipment is good and extremely suitable equipment for the Olympics. So yes I am still happy and think that Formula windsurfing for the Olympics would give a more honest representation of the sport than what we currently see with RSX.

All the best and long live the FWOD

(Formula Experience President)

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