1. Start Leash: The leash fits on to the Start, Rio and Kombat Tufskins that have a leash loop attachment fitting on the bottom. The attachment point is situated in the middle of the board for a neutral reaction (a leash attached to the tail of the board creates tail-biased drag). The Start leash features lead weights to sink the rope around the board, preventing the leash from getting tangled up with the fins. An elastic bungy gives room for the board to slow down gradually to a stop. 2. Windsocks 3. Flags 4. Beach Flag 5. Mast base for adjustable mast tracks 6. Zero alloy extension base 7. Standard mast base: Includes a North pin / push pin adaptor 8. North pin /push pin adaptor 9. 50cm alloy extension base 10. Safety Washer 11. Fin bag: Race: stores up to 10x 70cm fins. Slalom: stores up to 10x 50cm fins. 12. Accessory Bag 13. HD mast impact protectors: Triple layer construction: top plastic structure spreads the load, high density EVA beneath it disperses energy and the soft low density EVA underneath absorbs the load. The soft construction allows the HD nose protector to fit a variety of nose shapes. For a board compatibility chart, please refer to our website www.star-board.com. 14. Tiki Tool: Wide, rubberized moulded handle for maximum torque and grip, even with wet hands. Compatible with all Starboard board fittings: straps, air-valve, fin bolts and daggerboard plates. 15. Custom Philips #2 head M4 22mm bolt

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