1. Squared-off nose shape allows for a lower nose rocker: less aerodynamic drag and a lower angle of attack
  2. Wider-tail designs for increased efficiency and mechanical leverage
  3. New powerful R20 fin delivered as standard, with a near-vertical rake angle
  4. Cutaways reduce wetted surface area to provide higher efficiency and a fin drive
  5. Thinner nose and a scooped-out deck lowers the board's centre of gravity for a sharper response and improved handling
  6. Wood technology construction provides a more rigid, tougher and more dynamic shape stability than carbon construction.

In 2007, ISAF and the Formula Windsurfing class adjusted Formula Windsurfing rules from a one year product cycle to a two year product cycle. The move stabilizes the class and lowers the cost of racing, increasing participation and thus the popularity of what is already currently windsurfing's largest racing class. With the Formula Experience class on a four year product cycle, never before has racing been so accessible.

60_formula162.jpg stand_formula162.jpg
Starboard's lead: with the top eleven places at the Formula Worlds 2006 followed by the 2007 European Title and then the 2007 Formula World title, Starboard's Formula is the most successful racing board in Windsurfing history. With the new two year cycle, Starboard capitalizes on its design experience and introduces the new Formula 162. To maintain Starboard's unassailable lead, the formula is simple: R&D, R&D and R&D. Simply put, Starboard invests more in racing shape development than any other team: Tiesda You, Jim Drake, Remi Vila, Svein Rasmussen, Antoine Albeau, Kevin Pritchard and Julien Quentel plus the ability to make more prototypes faster creates a unique and unequalled development synergy. For the new two year cycle, this R&D advantage becomes the critical factor.

formula Formula 162 Wood
Design evolutions of the Formula 162

Higher aspect-ratio planing surface: in the tail, the planing area's width was increased yet again for greater efficiency and to give the rider more leverage over today's super-powerful fins. This increased width and increased leverage improves upwind and downwind angles.
Low-nose rocker: the new F162 is designed to work with a low-nose rocker. A low nose provides a low angle of attack for both air and water, reducing aerodynamic drag to improve speed and highwind control. This low-nose rocker also improves speed over chop and the board's ability to keep planing - especially deep downwind - as less speed is lost when hitting the back of a wave or crossing over rough chop.
Wider nose: to make the low nose concept work, the nose area was also enlarged on the sides, thus artificially making the board longer without physically increasing maximum length.
New thinner nose: this shifts the volume distribution back, giving the rider direct control over the board and minimizing excess dead-weight in the nose.
Conclusion: increased upwind and downwind angles, more downwind comfort, less drag and more speed: the new F162 gets you first to the upwind mark, and first across the finish line.
  • New two year cycle makes FW more affordable
  • New low-nose rocker improves speed and control
  • New low-nose rocker improves early planing and maintaining downwind speed
  • New wider nose artificially increases length for more downwind comfort
  • New wider tail increases upwind and downwind angles
Formula Experience utilizes the same format on equipment that is simply more affordable and more accessible. Board designs are frozen for four years and they need to be built in a more durable and less expensive construction. Two models are currently available from Starboard: the Formula Experience 160 and the ProKids Formula.

Formula Experience is the official Youth and Junior Class across the globe: USA, France, Spain, Peru, Brazil, Thailand, Martinique, Germany, Belgium etc. More information on Formula Experience can be found on the official website:

formula Formula 162 Wood
Model Volume
Wood (kg.)

Tufskin (kg.)

Sail range

Drake Fin Fin range
Fin box
Formula Experience 160 160 228 100.5 77.9 - 12.2 7.5-12.5 R13 Race NR 700 60-70 Deep Tuttle
ProKids Formula 117 216 93.0 69.8 - 10.2 3.0-8.5 R13 Race NR 620 58-66 Deep Tuttle
Formula 162 162 228 100.5 82.0 9.22 - 7.5-12.5 R19 Race NR 700 65-75 Deep Tuttle
Wood weights +-5% Sail ranges and fin are recommended indications.

Starboard windsurfing equipment's technology has proven to win more championships than ever.
The innovation and quality gear developed will take your sailing to a new level when you encounter
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