1. Nose handle (positioned longitudinally for easier handling)
  2. Front sailor's mast track
  3. Front sailor's strap
  4. Rear sailor's mast track
  5. Rear sailor's strap positions
  6. Tail handle (positioned longitudinally for easier handling)
  7. Solo sailor's mast track
  8. Clipperbox 57cm Daggerboard
  9. Full EVA deck
  10. Deep Tuttle tail fin

A wide-style tandem board changes everything about the windsurfing experience.

For advanced windsurfers: the Gemini reveals more performance and brings more fun than you can imagine. Guaranteed to make you laugh and enjoy the most unique ride of your life, the Gemini also unlocks amazing speed and power that will see you overtake the solo windsurfers on the water. For the most social windsurfers out there, the Gemini is the ultimate date.

For beginners: feel the rush of planing and experience the basics of high-performance windsurfing from the first minute onboard. Simply get in the front with a smaller sail, and partner yourself with an experienced sailor in the back.

For schools and centers: the Gemini is a wide, stable shape that offers a platform for both the coach and the learner to sail together. The beginner can also learn solo sailing with the coach sitting on the board. As a tool, it's a must and a fantastic way to start windsurfing.

The new Gemini's colour coded deck: the EVA deck has colour coded sections for the front sailor that indicates the ideal sail and feet positions. This makes it easier to uphaul, to get going and to find the right sailing position.

  • The World's only widestyle tandem board
  • For advanced windsurfers and for social windsurfers
  • For schools, centers and beginners
  • The current Gemini World Speed Record: 29.2 knots
Model Volume
Tail Weight
Tufskin (kg.)

Sail range

Fin Fin range
Fin box
Gemini 367 367 101.5 84.6 22.8 2.0-10.0 Drake R13 Race 700 NR +
Clipperbox daggerboard 570
+ Shallow 410 FRN
40-70 Deep Tuttle +
Tufskin weights +-6%. Sail ranges and fin are recommended indications.

Starboard windsurfing equipment's technology has proven to win more championships than ever.
The innovation and quality gear developed will take your sailing to a new level when you encounter
the wind and waves any place any time.