Bridging the gap between planing boards and lightwind longboards, blurring the line between stable entry level boards and progressive freeride boards, the Rio is the board that covers the widest scope of users in all wind conditions: windsurfing for everyone, every time and everywhere.

Its long and wide shape provides plenty of stability for even the most nervous beginners, and also a fast, smooth glide in light winds. For advanced riders, the longer, narrower shape combined with the inboard heel-recesses and a soft daggerboard allows the board to power upwind off the leeward rail.

As the wind speed increases, the Rio's unique wide tail derived from Formula racing boards provides the early planing, the high speeds and the high performance racing fun that have made it a best seller in the all-wind windsurfing category.

The Rio's unique features:

•Contour Deck: makes it easy for everyone to progress into the straps, and easy to rail upwind for advanced windsurfers.

•Clipperbox daggerboard: the easiest and most functional daggerboard system. The clip system makes it smooth and easy to operate. Totally sand-proof, strong and reliable

•Rigid rubber lips: back-plated with L-shaped plastic strips, this unique system prevents any water from gushing through the daggerboard case when the daggerboard is retracted: easier to plane, and faster planing speeds.

•A wide and long shape, with a wide tail: stable at slow speeds, fast to glide and transitions smoothly from non-planing to planing.

•57cm soft-flex daggerboard: generates powerful lift, providing high performance upwind ability, speed and racing fun.

The standard Rio with its full EVA deck remains the same as the 2009 model. For 2010, two new technology options are introduced.

The new Starboard Rio Sport:

The lighter, high performance version of the Rio all-wind windsurf board. With Starboard's exclusive Star Touch deck finish, the EVA deck is replaced with a layer of textured PU clear that gives the deck a smooth, non-abrasive coating that grips when wet. Unlike traditional non-slip coatings, the Star Touch deck won't irritate or cut your skin.

Ideal for windsurfers looking for a lighter first-buy board and windsurfing centres who want a more UV resistant finish than EVA soft deck.

The new Rio ARMOUR TECH:

Built in the World's toughest board construction, the Rio Armour Tech is lighter and even tougher than polypropylene boards (as tested by German SURF magazine, April 2009)


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  • Rio S
  • Rio M
  • Rio L
  • Rio XL


Model Volume
Tail Width






Sail range

Fin Fin box
Rio S 175 269 76.0 56.2 13.21 13.1 13.41 2.0-9.50 Drake Shallow 410 FRN +
Clipperbox Daggarboard 570
Deep Tuttle + Clipperbox
Rio M 195 275 80.5 58.7 14.0 13.3 14.37 2.0-9.55 Drake Shallow 410 FRN +
Clipperbox Daggarboard 570
Deep Tuttle + Clipperbox
Rio L 215 290 85.0 67.2 15.48 14.6 16.13 2.0-9.50 Drake Shallow 410 FRN +
Clipperbox Daggarboard 570
Deep Tuttle + Clipperbox
Rio XL 266 335.5 82.5 48.1 TBC TBC TBC TBC Drake Shallow 220*(US) +
Daggerboard Allgaier 62
US 8" + Dagger box

Weights +-6%. Weights are estimates, final weights are not available at time of print and will be updated on to the website. Sail ranges and fin are recommended indications.