Biggest range update ever

Starboard 2013 marks our largest range update ever, with no less than 84 new models. On August 13, we would like to invite you to revisit our website to discover the all-new 2013 iSonics, Futuras and Flares. On the wave side, we have prepared an all-new range of surf-style NuEvos, all-new Quads and Philip Köster’s brand new signature Kode range.

We normally launch new wave and freestyle boards mid-July. Unfortunately, production circumstances have delayed our launch until August 13. We’d like to apologize for this delay and we hope that the new boards will be worth the wait.

There are also revamped product-pages coming with an all-new look, including eight Tiki Documentary episodes recorded during our photoshoots in Australia and Maui. Until then, check out the preview shots of the upcoming 2013 releases below:

The "Koster" Kode

The NuEvo

The new Quad

The new Flare