"The Futura won every comparative test it entered: the Planchemag test, the Wind magazine test, the Windsurf magazine test, the Boards/Boardseeker test and the Surf magazine test."

The Futura is Starboard's freerace board. Freerace boards are designed to go extremely fast, like slalom boards, but with more user-friendliness and more comfort. They are the sports cars of windsurfing.

When it was first introduced in 2008, Starboard Futura's revolutionary design redefined the freerace category: its 15% thinner profile and its wider outline, inspired by the evolution of modern slalom boards, offered the casual freerider a board that was very stable at low speed yet extremely fast and powerful throughout an incredibly wide wind range. On top of these benefits, the thinner shape made for better jibing and more control. It was a win-win design leap forwards, without any compromises needed.

After taking two years to get itself established, the Futura has become the clear market leader and the new performance benchmark. In 2011, the Futura won every comparative test it entered: the Planchemag test, the Wind magazine test, the Windsurf magazine test, the Boards/Boardseeker test and the Surf magazine test.

For 2012, Starboard continues to offer the Futura in six sizes and two technology options. The 111, 121, 131 are new shapes.

Tiesda You, Futura board designer:

"The Futura is shaped in a way that rewards the advanced freerider with incredible speed, a very wide wind range and high-speed jibing abilities.

Wide outlines coupled with a thinner profile forms the basis for each Futura design. By making the outlines wider, the boards will have better low-speed stability: this is important when uphauling or completing your jibes for example.

By making the profiles thinner, these wider boards don't feel big - on the contrary, the lower center of gravity makes the board more responsive to foot-steering, quicker to carve and bite sharper into jibes.

The combination of width and thinness also increases wind range: on one hand, the extra width allows the rider to fit a deeper fin and a larger sail, giving it more light-wind power. On the other hand, the low volume from the thin profile allows the board to be more controllable in high winds, using a smaller sail and a smaller fin.

The Futura's nose is relatively wide, allowing for a shorter nose and a lower rocker to be used. This shorter and lower nose reduces swing weight, reduces aerodynamic drag and improves the board's ability to skim over chop without losing speed.

The rails are shaped for power, with extra hard rail edges. But they remain thinner and more comfortable than the full-blown rail shapes of the iSonics. This makes the Futura more comfortable and less powerful. Most importantly, these rail shapes allow the use of in-board strap positions.

When using the in-board strap positions, the Futura becomes very accessible and comfortable to ride.

In conclusion, the Futura covers, quite simply, an incredible scope of performance ends: it is accessible and comfortable if you want it to be, or it can be a super-fast racing machine with a super-wide wind-range if you want it to be. This is where the Futura truly excels and truly lives up to its mantra of 'impossible engineering'."

Special note on 2012 Futura construction: Especially for the 2012 Futura models, Starboard's Carbon, Wood and Technora technologies have been merged into two technology options : Carbon and Wood. The Carbon Futura is the lightest and stiffest option. The new Wood Futura constuction is a hybrid between last year's Wood and Technora, to offer a blend of high rigidity, high comfort and importantly even more value.

Futura 93
Futura 101
Futura 111
Futura 121
Futura 131
Futura 141
Carbon Wood Volume Length Width Tail width Thickness Bottom shape (from tail to nose) Number of footstrap rows Fin Finbox Recommended fin range Recommended sail range Weight (Carbon) Weight (Wood)
o o 93 238 61.5 40.4 11.2 Flat Vee to Double Concave 2 Drake Venom 36 Tuttle 28-38 4.0-7.0 6.00 7.09
o o 101 240 65.5 42.8 11.2 Flat Vee to Double Concave 2 Drake Venom 38 Tuttle 30-40 4.5-7.5 6.30 7.74
o o 111 240 68.5 45.9 11.7 Flat Vee to Double Concave 2 Drake Venom 42 Tuttle 34-44 5.0-8.0 6.59 8.05
o o 121 246 72 47.8 11.4 Flat Vee 2 Drake Venom 44 Tuttle 36-46 5.5-9.0 6.85 8.29
o o 131 246 76 50.0 12.1 Flat Vee 2 Drake Venom 48 Tuttle 40-50 6.0-9.5 7.19 8.80
o o 141 246 80.5 49.9 12.2 Flat Vee to Double Concave 3 Drake Venom 50 Tuttle 42-52 6.5-10.0 7.65 9.29

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