Chris Pressler: Report from Austrian Slalom Race Series

On his way to Gran Canaria to film the PWA World Tour competition for Continent Seven, Chris Pressler sent us a quick little report from the Austrian Slalom Race Series that took place last Sunday. Read his report below:

"We had the Austrian Slalom Series in Podersdorf yesterday, organized by Mathias Höller. We were lucky to have pretty nice wind conditions at Lake Neusiedl. I was on my Severne Reflex 4 7.0m² and iSonic 107 Carbon and we sailed 4 full rounds on a 8-figure course. After 4 rounds, we had to stop the race as the wind picked up to almost 40 knots and one of the competitors cut the rope of a buoy with his fin! Quite funny...!

I was on the smallest sail compared to all other riders who used between 7.8m² and 8.6m². But luckily, the wind picked up really strong. For the first time, I used a relatively short fin, a Pfaffi S4 35.5 cm in the iSonic 107. It worked excellent! Sometimes smaller gear is the better choice!!

The final event, the Austrian Surf Championships will take place in Lake Neusiedl, Podersdorf on September 20th to 22nd, with events in different disciplines: windsurfing, SUP and kitesurfing. The event will be organized by Stylehunters Diboardi."

For now, the Top 3 looks like this:

1. Chris Pressler (Starboard/Severne)
Matthias Höller (Fanatic/North)
3. Frank Lewisch (Starboard/Severne)

See you soon!

- Chris Pressler -