Cyril Moussilmani reports from SOSH Speed Cup 2013

From the 20th to the 28th of April, the southern town of Leucate hosted the Mondial du Vent 2013, an event bringing together many disciplines such as windsurfing, kiteboarding and stand-up paddle boarding. This event has become a must-go for all extreme sports fans from France and around Europe. On top of the regular festivities, the Mondial du Vent organizes the SOSH Speed Cup where kiteboarders and windsurfers go head-to-head in battles for speed.

Here some news from Cyril Moussilmani after the SOSH Speed Cup:

We got great conditions with 3 days of Tramontana (cold, northern wind) which allowed us to complete 7 races in very good wind, ranging from 30 to 50 knots. I managed to win a race and get a nice 40.90 knots average speed on my best run and a couple of 40 knots.

I finally finished 4th for the event. I was sailing with a production Starboard: the iSonic Speed Special W49 with Severne Sails Reflex IV in 5.6m² and 6.2m². The podium was just amazing with Antoine Albeau grabbing 1st place, Rob Douglas in 2nd and in 3rd position was Alex Caizergues. When you think about it, the 3 of them have personal records over 50 knots.

I am very happy of this result, as I haven't been doing speed for 2 years now and I was using only production gear. The glide and speed were there so, overall, I am happy. It was a great event!

Overall Results - Speed Men
Antoine Albeau (Windsurf)
2. Rob Douglas (Kitesurf)
3. Alex Caizergues (Kitesurf)
4. Cyril Moussilmani (Windsurf)
5. Damien Leroy (Kitesurf)
6. Pierre Mortefon (Windsurf)

And here is a quick highlights video of the event...! Enjoy!