Défi Wind - Day 2 Report

On Day 2 of the Défi Wind 2013, a Tramontana wind sometimes exceeding 40 knots in the gusts swept the waters between Narbonne and Port-la-Nouvelle today and treated the 805 registered windsurfers for some amazing action.

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The race began with all the riders but less than 600 were able to finish the 40 km run, as the wind conditions got more challenging. It was an epic race for both the participants and the organizing and safety crew. Sébastien Bonhomme from France and Cécile Decourt from France as well, took the first wins in the Men's and Women's categories.

The second round was launched later in the afternoon, after everyone recharged their batteries. Less than 600 challengers were on the starting line this time, as many decided to preserve their energy for the next day. The Défi is indeed a race, but it is also a pleasurable experience which has to be lived during a couple of days. Endurance is key and pleasure is the only goal. After some more hardcore long-distance racing, Andrea Cucchi from Italy won the second round and is leading the provisional rankings:

Overall Provisional Standings after Race 2 - Men's:

Andrea Cucchi (Italy)
2. Sébastien Bonhomme (France)
3. Patrice Belbeoch (France)
4. Nicolas Warembourg (France)
5. Tristan Algret (France)
17.Steven van Broeckoven (Belgium)
20. Jules Denel (France)
30. Philip Köster (Germany)
35. Jurjen van der Noord (Netherlands)
45. Justin Denel (France)

Interview of Philip Köster after his first race... by Wind_Magazine

Event Preview

Three days before the official start of the Défi Wind 2013, 767 contestants had already signed up for some challenging long-distance racing in Gruissan, France. Also this isn't exceptional for Défi Wind (it holds the record for the largest gathering of windsurfers in the world), it foretells some exciting action! This year, from May 9th to May 12th, 29 countries and all 6 continents will be represented, with amateurs and pros like Philip Köster, Jurjen van der Noord and many others... Watch Philip Köster announcing he will be participating in Défi here!

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