Flare 101 Carbon, SURF (Germany) Oct 2012

On land:
The Shape of the Flare pretty much mirrors this spring's earlier tested board, with the exception of an upgraded fin, after the earlier unfortunate fin choice. Cool: The updated Slot Box not only saves weight as opposed to a traditional US-box, it's also been equipped with brass inserts, ensuring durability. The Slot Box clutches a Choco Starfish New Radical size 22, which possibly could be difficult to replace.

Other than that, everything remained the same, which is a very good thing. Pads and straps are still the best you can possibly offer your feet. Altogether the Flare is, especially in the nose and tail area a little less wide than the other boards in the group.

On the water:
With the new fin the Flare's early planing is excellent and accelerates quickly to top speed. This allows you to tap into full planing potential, even in gusty conditions. Its tendency to spin out has completely disappeared, the board feels featherlight under your feet and even lighter riders can effortlessly pop it up in the air and do their more radical moves in slow-motion. Sliding requires some more skills because of its marginally less wider deck. But a rider at the top-level will actually appreciate the agility and lightness of this board because it gets you that much closer to combination moves. In addition to that, the Flare will even turn handsomely over your back foot in smaller waves, making it useful for an even wider range of conditions.

IF you're really looking for something to pick on, one could say that the Flare - in overpowered conditions and lay down jibes - can't really keep up with some of the planing miracles in the test group.

The Starboard Flare is, equipped with this new fin, an absolute force to be reckoned with. Because the boards leaves somewhat of a smaller impression in the group comparison, it is exceptionally suitable for riders below 75 kilograms as well but heavy hitters will also appreciate its superior performance and of course its perfect jump and sliding-characteristics. A really big shot this one...

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