Ghosts of Speed

Storm flags flying !!! Red on black was definitely the performance color of the evening at Wolff Euroborg Cinema, Groningen in the far North of Netherlands for the premiere release of the exciting new speedsailing movie “Ghosts of Speed”. Many of the Dutch speedsailing community gathered for a celebratory dinner, preceding the standing room only cinema crowd for the release of the movie. arranged a spectacular stadium venue, showcasing some of the fastest windsurfing equipment in the world.

Fresh from an outstanding performance at the recent event at Luderitz, Starboard / Severne team rider Jurjen van der Noord was congratulated by the crowd on his 51.26 knot (94.93 k/ph) Dutch record, as well as an incredible 3rd place outright in both the event and WSSRC World Record rankings.

Starboard proudly offers TikiNews readers exclusive first access to this new and previously unreleased trailer of Ghosts of Speed.

The film project Ghosts of Speed is a modern concept documentary; take a cinematic excursion with some of the fastest windsurfers in the Netherlands on a hi speed windsurf adventure through extreme conditions and some spectacular Dutch scenery.

Filmed and produced by Italian born Photographer Angelo Pecere, with music produced by Bluman (Libero Mapelli), all contributors to this movie are involved or directly linked to the windsurf scene; their shared passion for windsurfing is the main driving force behind this film, which immediately exceeded the expectations of even the harshest critics upon release.

"Angelo even managed to surpass my expectations, the first movie that makes it possible to translate my speedsurfing addiction to others. All best emotions in speedsurfing are captured on the DVD ...Quality of video is good, but music and sound edit by Bluman is absolutely something special. The audio and video are made to fit perfect together. This professional edit and cooperation between Angelo and Bluman is the second reason why this video is attractive for everyone, not just windsurfers." Erik Loots/Speedsurfingblog

Speedsurfing can be seen as the Formula 1 of windsurfing. This spectacular high-speed discipline is increasingly becoming an important element of windsurfing worldwide. Local GPS competitions fuel stronger international competitiveness, and have recently delivered some incredible performances with multiple new World and National records being decisively set in Namibia last month over a fixed 500m course.

Enjoy the ride...

The Ghosts of Speed DVD is available in the following webshops: (shipping worldwide)

A digital download version in HD720 will be available for purchase from 15th of January.
More videos available here.

Official website:

Photo credits: Walther Siksma and Angelo Pecere - for Ghosts of Speed.

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