Kode Wave 82 Carbon, WIND (France), Nov 2012

The text below is an excerpt from WIND #370, in shops now:

Longer and larger than most of the other boards in this test, the Starboard Kode Wave is different in that it comes with a twin setup (MB Fins 2 x 16.5 cm) although it can be ridden in single fin configuration as well.

On the water:
The length of the Kode Wave gives it a unique feel; extremely lively and fast on the water. It planes very early and the acceleration is noticeable thanks to a reduced wet surface and a stiff carbon construction that amplifies the thrills in choppy waters. If the conditions are very choppy or windy, the ride can be slightly unpleasant due to the board’s stiffness, even though the fittings are comfortable. Nonetheless, the sane behavior of the board and its efficiency in side-onshore conditions pleased our testers. The champion’s board likes to jump and contributes to it thanks to amazing speed. In the surf, the Kode Wave is fun and skatey. Although it is extremely lively, it isn’t too demanding and stays controllable in all conditions. It carves into long bottom turns just as well as it pivots for in-the-pocket turns. Compared to the NuEvo, it requires slightly more speed or wind to exploit smaller waves but it will however hold up very nicely in bigger sized surf and in long bottoms. The Kode Wave doesn’t have as much grip as a quad, but it’s for the better: when kept flat it skids well to throw new-school aerial moves.

Lively, exciting and fast. Philip Köster’s Kode didn’t disappoint as it proved to be an efficient jumper and surfer in side and onshore winds. We recommend it to tonic riders for its vivacity in the chop and strong winds.

"Speed, efficiency, consistency, surf potential"

" Stiff and nervous in strong winds"

Length: 233cm
Width: 58.4cm
Weight: 7.45kg
Fins: 2 x 16.5cm

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