NuEvo 80 Carbon, WIND (France), Nov 2012

The text below is an excerpt from WIND #370, in shops now:

Newest addition to the Starboard range, the NueVo is shaped by James Hooper, a shaper from Perth with a strong local following. Very short at 224 cm and quite wide in the tail for its volume, the characteristic trait of the NuEvo lies in its fin setup with a very wide (decentered) fin position. It is also worth mentioning that it is the lightest board of the group, the only one under 7 kg when equipped.

On the water:
According to its official description, the NuEvo excels in surf sailing when the waves are small or medium sized. This explains the testers’ surprise when they enjoyed the board in strong on-shore wind conditions. Very comfortable to sail, the NuEvo isn’t the fastest to plane but never posed any problems in straight lines when jumping or going upwind; the board behaved well.

However, it is in the surf where it truly came into its own. When completely overpowered, wetting the rails can be slightly harder but it is the only flaw we were able to point out. Like a fish, the board generates speed very easily, even in mushy waves and/or inconsistent winds. It is a progressive board which allows to string together turns quite easily compared to its rivals. It isn’t the most radical of the test but the grip is good for powerful cutbacks. The testers were unanimous regarding the pleasure procured by this NuEvo and its ability to surf well without too much effort.

An excellent and versatile board, suited for the surfers and those wanting to make the most out of average conditions. The board is clearly aimed at normal wave riders and not just the pros. It also exists in wood construction for 1850 euros.

Pros: Easy carving; generates speed in mushy waves
Cons: Not the quickest to plane; surfing in strong winds; long bottom turns

Length: 224cm
Width: 57.1cm
Weight: 6.85kg
Fins: 2 x 15.5cm

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