PWA - Cold Hawaii Dany Bruch reports

Dany Bruch competed at Klitmøller last week, where he was determined to get a better result than last year's 7th place. He brought his Black Box lightwind prototype, and made sure he had enough time to prepare. Read his account to find out what happened:

"Hello everybody! Here is my event report from Denmark.

In the single elimination I passed some heats, were the best heat I had against the Brazilian Marcilio Browne. It was pretty light winds and with my Black Box I could not be stopped! I would say I had an advantage in front of any others and if conditions would have stayed like that…don't know what could have happened."

"The next day, we had a super early start, 7AM. I got to the beach at 6:30, as I was in the 3rd heat of the day. It was freezing, winds were strong, for 4.5 but I was ready with all my gear on the beach front! Unfortunately I did a roocky mistake…something I have never done before. Guess it was to early and my brain was a bit sleepy still, but when I got to the notice board, I looked at the heat duration for that day and saw clearly 17minutes plus 2 minutes transition, same as the last day of competition…so 19 minutes on the countdown clock…for my surprise, after loosing my heat against Victor, checking the scores and seeing that my best wave and jump was not written on the judges scores I realized that heats were 15 minutes plus 2 transition, so as I took the time the heat before mine, I basically started my heat 2 minutes to late and carried on competing for 2 minutes longer for my self."

"I had my best moves in the last 5 minutes, were 1 wave still counted as a 6.5, were my best wave, with the only wave 360º so far of the comp, did not got scored, together with a back loop that would have scored more than a just planing forward. So yeah, guess I will probably never know if I actually had beaten Victor or not, if I had the time right…still can't believe that this happened to me at this stage."

"In the double elimination, I had one of the best wave riding scores of the event, landing a wave 360º again in a solid wave, kicking out Leon Jamaer, it all just went smooth in that heat…but then against Alex Mussolini, I don't really know what it was, but I could not really put 2 and 2 together…still did a good heat, but he was just some points ahead of me. Guess I was a bit out of synch with the ocean, especially when I went for a double forward on a ramp that was not for that and went head first into the sail. No excuses here, but I know that I could have done this heat…I think that also I was a bit too overpowered on that 5.0…recon I could have easily been on my 4.5…specially using the Black Box. I am still thinking about it and trying to figure out my mistakes…"

"Finished 7th here but am keeping my 4th Overall so far. I just hope we get some wind in Sylt to sort out this result and to get a discard. I am close to the podium right now and want to get there!"

"Best Regards,


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