Quad 82 Carbon, WIND (France), Nov 2012

The text below is an excerpt from WIND #370, in shops now:

Developed by Australian Scott McKercher, the Starboard Quad 2013 has seen its round tail being replaced by a square tail and its bottom shape evolved into a concave and double concave without V. The fittings are still premium, with shock absorbers under the pads.

On the water:
Just like the previous version, the Quad’s trademark is still its reactivity and liveliness in the surf. It is clearly the most responsive to foot pressure in the cutbacks and rollers, allowing immediate trajectory changes. The board has a feel similar to surfboard and makes the maneuvers more radical. It is also the board requiring the least pressure to produce a radical and powerful cutback, plus the easiest to slide. During a bottom turn, the rails slices through the water like butter and the control in high-speed surfing has progressed and feels satisfying, especially since the board almost seems to turns by itself. The little back foot kick towards the end of the bottom turn becomes almost automatically in a 12 o’clock snap turn. With an immediate rail-to-rail transfer, the board is at ease in small turns. In a straight line, it wasn’t as quick to plane, as eager to go upwind and as fast in lower regimes when mounted with sails over 4.7 but bigger front fins will help to compensate that.

Exceptionally playful in the surf, the Starboard Quad 82 is an incredible board which doesn’t require professional feet to produce professional movements, especially in top turns. However, it doesn’t provide as much support in the straight line and in the cutback when compared to its rivals.

Pros: Unreal maneuverability and reactivity ; fittings ; overall comfort ; side-shore conditions
Cons: Less support in light winds ; slides easily on the top turn

Weight: 7.45kg
Fins: Drake Natural Wave, 2 x 13cm + 2 x 11cm

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