Roberto Hofmann @ Trofea Vindicio Slalom

On the 29th and 30th of June, the 8th Edition of the Trofeo Vindicio Slalom was held in the beautiful location of Vindicio, about 100km south of Rome. The wind didn't show up on Saturday due to some passing thunderstorms, but a great thermal wind kicked in on Sunday, allowing the organizers to complete 5 rounds of Slalom. With 20 participants from central and southern Italy, the action was great! The wind was between 15 and 20 knots and made the conditions perfect for slalom racing. Read what Roberto's report below:

" It was the perfect day for me with five victories in all five races. Sure, there weren't any of the top guy from Lake Garda, but still, the level was high and every one was fast. I had five perfect starts, and once you are in front, it’s quite easy to control the fleet. Due to the fact that we did races with the complete fleet (15 Pro racers and 5 Amateurs), the first gibe was very important. This is the reason why I love the iSonic 117. For me, it's the perfect board when I'm on 8.6m² and 9.2m²: easy planing, great top speed and easy jibing.

These kind of events are the perfect occasion for all the Slalom racers to test the speed, practice their starts and get racing in! For me, it was also a good opportunity to help people tune their boards (a lot of guys were on Starboard) and sails. A lot of racers still have a hard time to find the right tuning, and this is why it’s important for me to motivate them and give them my experience in tuning!!

I know racing is not for everybody, but it’s a lot of fun and adrenaline and everybody should give it a try, at least once!!

- Rob Hofmann