Windsurfing Into the Unknown - Jericoacoara Spot Guide

Windsurfing Into The Unknown's mission is to discover and explore the world's coastlines, learn with and through local cultures with an open mind, and respect for the natural environment, guided by our passion and addiction to nature's elements of wind and water.

In the fall of 2012, Windsurfing Into the Unknown explored around the famous windsurfing and tourist town of Jericoacoara, Brazil, to see what kind of windsurfing spots they can find. They created a 4 episode series showcasing good spots to windsurf that are accessible from Jericoacoara. Here are the first 3:

Episode 3: Downwind Freestyle

We featured freestyle windsurfing at the spots downwind of the Duna do Por de Sol, the famous dune in Jericoacoara. The wind is a bit stronger there, and one can find good and uncrowded freestyle conditions just a short sail downwind from Club Ventos. Guriu is a river mouth a bit further downwind that also has great freestyle sailing.

Episode 2: Wavesailing at the Flag

In this episode, we are featuring wave sailing at "The Flag", the main spot in Jeri. A great place to learn and improve your wave sailing, with a nice wind angle, sandy bottom, gentle waves, warm water and a great atmosphere.

Episode 1: Lagoa Azul & Paraiso

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