Starboard Kode 94 WoodCarbon, WIND Test Special, 2011

Starboard Kode 94 WoodCarbon – WIND Test Special 2011

Consistent and accessible: guaranteed value

Shape: The Kode stands at eight sizes, from the 68 up to 123 liters. The 94, 86 and 103 are half-way between freestyle and wave with a little more width for more "pop" in your jumps and freestyle tricks. The 94 and 103 have a new shape featuring a mildly reduced tail. These models are available in three constructions; WoodCarbon, Wood or Technora.

On the water: Starboard has adopted a new 10mm thick pad glued to its EVA surface, resulting in a very high degree of comfort. The Kode will start planing by itself with a nice natural glide, inviting you to put more pressure on the back foot and fin. Whatever your level of riding is, it will come easy on all tacks. The Kode stays close to the water without biting down on a straight line. And with an excellent upwind angle, the Kode competes equally on speed with the rest of the panel. In high-wind conditions the Kode can get a little shaky, but things never get out of control. In the waves and bump & jump conditions, the Kode is at ease because of its shock-absorbing pads, facilitating control. When wave-riding, the Kode its playfulness and edgy bite come into play. It's not super radical, but it allows the rider to pull of beautiful front- and backside turns on its reduced tail. Accelerating or making your way between two waves is no problem due to its responsiveness and mobility. It's a playful freewaver that loves to jump and move around. Jibes are clean and carved along a simple radius.

Verdict: The Kode 94 is a fantastic, accessible do-it-all board that is extremely comfortable as well. Without being the most radical board in the group, wave excursions are very well possible, especially for beginning wave riders. This board holds an enormous threshold for progression and a wide range of use. Comfort and consistency make this board a winner.

Pros: Well equipped, consistent, accessible, planing take off, wide range of use

Cons: Nothing to report

Weight/Construction: 6.95 kg, WoodCarbon
Shape: V, V double concave, V
Footstraps/Pads: 4 or 3, thick
Position Footstraps: Front 2 inside/outside, back 2 inside/outside
Fin (material/system): 28cm Drake Cross Over CNG G10, US box