Starboard Evo XTV 80 Wood, Windsurf (UK), Oct 2007


The Evo is the board that spearheaded the short/wide waveboard revolution designed to produce ultimate performance in a wide variety of wind and wave conditions. The Evo range goes right up to 100L this year and is available in Wood and technora construction; this 80L version is unchanged from last year. Fittings are excellent with inbuilt heel cushions and comfortable and quick to adjust footstraps, with a 23cm G10 Drake natural wave fin.


The Evo 80 gets smoothly onto the plane, feeling bigger than the quoted 80L, but feels smooth and connected. Through chop it has plenty of composure and feels controllable, with the heel cushions under the pads softening the ride. It has a good turn of speed and certainly doesn't feel slow and in jumps it feels compact and light in the air. The shape and design is great for getting out in onshore conditions and also gives plenty of stability whilst off the plane.


The board really excels when riding, not only is it easy to turn it can be carved really tight and it is very pivotal in the top turn. The inexperienced wave rider will enjoy the performance with the board still working well if ridden off the back foot. More advanced riders will not be disappointed either, the Evo performing exceptionally when driven off the front foot and capable of both smooth and slashy turns. The width of the nose makes it very stable in tacks and the wide tail keeps its speed round gybes with the thin rails biting easily.


The Evo is an outstanding board for onshore conditions, with the ability to carry speed through tight bottom turns with ease, and works well in sideshore conditions too. For inexperienced riders the Evo offers a helping hand, with the float in the tail ironing out small mistakes that would normally be punished. The tight pivotal nature will appeal to advanced riders looking for a slashy board to rip up small waves, although lighter riders may find it feels cumbersome and should look to smaller Evos.

For: A very versatile board ripping in all types of waves for all abilities of rider.
Against: Some riders might find the board feels quite big, and should look to smaller boards in the range.
Verdict: Good all-round performance, with stunning ease and ability in onshore conditions.

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