Starboard's 12"6 SUPer, BOARDS (UK), Oct 2007

The October issue of BOARDS (reputable UK windsurfing magazine) conducted a test and review of the leading SUP's available on the UK market.

Starboard's 12"6 was also put to the test and shone brightly amongst the competitors.

Although we encourage you to read the article in full (run to the magazine stand while stocks last!), below are some of the glowing quotes;

"The board was clearly one of the fastest on test"

"The Starboard (12"6) was extremely popular with all testers"

"... highly rated by all for its maneuverability, speed and ease of use"

The full result for the Starboard 12"6 reads as follows

Starboard offer two models of paddleboard: the 12'2" (shaped by Mark Raaphorst - top SUP rider), designed for waveriding and the more athletic rider and the 12'6' (by Svein Rasmussen/ Jim Drake) which we had for our test, designed for more stability for both SUP and light wind freestyle.

On The Water:

The Starboard was the longest board on test, it looks quite narrow with a thin tail and a lot of rocker. Before you even climb onto it, you can see that the tail rocker actually lifts the tail clear from the water! Climbing onto the board, it's noticeably less stable than some of the wider boards here.

As soon as you start paddling, stability is not a problem and it glides very well. The board was clearly one of the fastest on test, feeling quite easy to maintain a decent speed over a long distance.

Despite its length, it manoeuvres very well and can be pivoted on the tail very easily.The board picks up small waves and swells easily and is easy to steer while riding.


The deck of the Starboard is covered in decent EVA (not wrapped around the rails).There is a nice guide on the deck that shows you the balance point of the board and hence where to stand. The Starboard also features a well-placed carry handle in the middle of the deck, making it a lot easier to get to the water's edge!

The board is supplied with a 23.5cm flex fin, as seen on longboards (surf). It also has FCS inserts for two thrusters fins.

There is the option of a centre-fin to give stability to those who are learning and to allow the board to be used as a longboard (windsurf) along with brass inserts for deckplate attachment.


The Starboard was extremely popular with all testers. It made first place in terms of popularity (it was in the top two for every tester), and was highly rated by all for its manoeuvrability, speed and ease of use.


Speed, manoeuvrability and versatility in waves and on flat water.


Slightly harder to balance on than some bigger boards.


The Starboard is a great all round SUP for both flat water and small waves. It's easy to use and has something to offer everyone from complete beginner to advanced waverider It has a really nice balance of length for glide and straight line stability and a thin tail with lots of rocker for manoeuvres and waveriding. Add to that well thought-out fittings and the board is hard to beat.