Starboard Evo XTV 75 Wood, German Surf (Germany), Jan - Feb 2008

On Land :

The EVO XTV has a relatively conspicuous flat upperdeck. In general the board reminds a lot of the last years model. The tail has been shaped a bit wider to support the narrow turns and riding in smaller waves. The straps offer a hard feeling, but can be adjusted to each foot in record speed. All other features are on a top level. The screw for the fin was developed with a new design. The big Philipps screwdriver fits to this screw.

On Water :

Friends of the typical Starboard feeling will not miss it. The 2008 Evo delivers as well the soft and cushioned sailing feeling of the last years model. Whether uncomfortable choppy water nor rough wave conditions bring the board out of control, what makes it recommandable. Admittedly the Starboard does not have the liveliness and acceleration of a JP, Fanatic or Hifly. It needs a bit longer to get into planing. But if it plans once, it runs very controlled , is easy to sail and plans easy through wind holes without loosing speed. The Evo is easy to get on the rail and keeps as well in front of bigger wave always the control. The rails have a great grip in the bottom turns and offer excellent grip as well down the line. Although the board does not give the radical rail to rail feeling, it can place itself in the top position together with the JP Real World Wave in big waves. But the board works also great in conditions like the german Northern Sea, the size of turns can be varied at each moment and as well snappy turns in the white water can be done. Because of the not complicated driving feeling, less advanced sailors will get happy with the Starboard.

Conclusion :

The Starboard EVO is an excellent Waveboard suited for all skills and all spots. Because of the excellent control the board is suited for Freestyle and Freeriding in strong wind. Just?? if you start planing passive the board needs longer to get into planing, but after one sail pump the Evo starts pretty well and accelerates fast.

SURF-Tip :

comfortable allrounder