Starboard Test Result from WIND and PM (France) Magazines

Starboard iSonic 111 test by Wind Magazine (France) , February 2008

The machine to challenge the wind!

The board comes with two good Drake 36 & 44 fins. The Starboard iSonic 111 is the shortest board in the range and the scoop is also lower. Be careful because it can sink really easy in none planing conditions and when you are tacking. With an on/off feeling when you get planing, it is important to get into the foot straps quickly. When sailing the nose stays really low and gives you excellent control all the time. You just need to get into the straps and follow the trim indication to go fast. The board immediately feels really good and comfortable. It is very powerful in the tail and it is advised to use 38/40 fins for a 7,8m to get the correct foiling effect. When the board is trimmed correctly the board keeps accelerating and has an impressive Speed. It’s the easiest board in the bottom–end with excellent performance. The board is really impressive particularly sailing upwind and on a reach; the iSonic provides you with a high average speed and super acceleration in all tacks. The board holds a strong direction, so much that you need sometimes more time to change direction than you expected. The iSonic is an excellent board on the market for top performance and control.

     +     Top performances, control, easy to trim good jibe exit, good
            upwind, 2 fins.
     –     Less responsive in changing tacks.

Starboard Pure Acid 74 test by Wind Magazine (France) , February 2008

Big potential as an excellent all rounder

Tiesda You made slight modifications on the Pure Acid 74 for the 2008 model. The board is one of the heavier boards in technora but is also possible to have it in wood technology, which is lighter. The board is excellent with the G10 Drake fin, the quick adjustable straps, the excellent grip pads and the integrated heel absorbers. Since the beginning, we appreciate the good planing level for a radical wave board, the speed in straight line and the comfort. The board is really nice in the choppy water. The board has a superbe ability in radical surf with no difficulties for the sailor. Easy in the bottom turn, the control and the speed are excellent. It’s a clean feeling; it turns well but less than the Tabou Da Curve. We change rails easily on the roller, so the final feeling is excellent. Even at low speeds the Pure Acid can do all the turn in the surf. The board is less good in small waves at low speed, because is more difficult to get a nice bottom turn, this is the only small negative point of this board. In the end, the Starboard Pure Acid 74 is a nice board with a high potential in good conditions, which is more all–round and accessible to compared to the other radical boards. It was very popular in the testing.

      +      Planing, Versatility, instinctive surf, high potential
      –      Less easy in bottom turns at low speeds

Starboard Futura 133 test by Wind Magazine (France) , February 2008

The Candidate for Speed Crossings

The Futura replaced the Carve and S–Type presents a new generation of freeride boards. The straps are comfortable and easy to set, and we found also the oval hole for the fin screw more user friendly and the access and the trim indication for the mast base makes the design more accessible. The board was stable in non–planing conditions, and planed really well in windy conditions with an on/off feeling. That feeling may disturb the medium level rider. It goes through the lulls easily and is the better overall board. The fin is excellent and very stiff which the more advanced rider, may make the sailing become uncomfortable. We can see the i Sonic features that have been incorporated into the board and they compliment the board very well. The Futura naturally holds a firm sailing line, however the board is still really maneuverable. The board almost feels like it is being sailed in autopilot, and is physically less demanding to sail. Note also it sails very well upwind, it gibes really easily and is stable in and out of the turn. Finally this Starboard offers high performances for every body in light and medium winds. A real performance candidate for speed crossing, and for those who don’t want a pure slalom machine.

      +       High level performances, equipment, up wind/speed
      –      Slightly less accessible

Starboard Futura 111 test by Wind Magazine (France) , February 2008

Nervous, high performance and directional stability

The Futura replaced the Carve and S–Type and presents a new generation of freeride boards. We immediately feel a strong sports character. Planing is good and with a strong and fast acceleration. The sailing position is really comfortable and even after a few hours sailing it is not painful. It is really easy to control, but its speed and slight instability can disturb beginners. You have to be quick when tacking so you don’t sink when you get planing; the board has a low nose and goes through the choppy water really easily because the board rides on the fin. The Futura is really lively, and does not compromise on any performance. It’s one of the quickest boards in the group in all tacks and performs particularly well up wind. It jibes really well even in the choppy water with a lot of control but is not as easy to make a short jibe. It turns really well in the jibe and has an excellent exit after. Note that it has an excellent fin and a Tuttle box that allows for a higher–level fin too. Finally the board is for advanced riders who look for high–level performances.

     +     Good value, performances, equipment, control
     –     Slightly less accessible

Starboard Kombat 96 Technora test by Planche Mag (France), Mar-Apr 08

A really good board, which gives a lot of sensations, Performs the best in surf with its different curve. It also good for cruising on flat water, we can even do freestyle with it. A good board to use in–between flat water and wave.

Starboard iSonic 86 test by Planche Mag (France), Mar-Apr 08

The board has the ability to accelerate at full speed through the lulls and gusts, and cruises through the choppy water. It’s best point is that it is really manageable and easy to handle in the most difficult situations. With all these points combined the board is really good and our top choice.

Starboard Futura 111 Wood test by Planche Mag (France), Mar-Apr 08

The Futura 111 is the board that delivers the most sensation and is closer to a race machine. The speed sensations are confirmed by the testing, it has the best overall performances. In lighter winds, it offers a smaller wind range than the other boards. Do not hesitate to put a bigger sail on it to have a better planning.

Starboard Futura 101 Technora test by Planche Mag (France), Mar-Apr 08

Very lively under your feet, it rides free and high on the water with a very small wetted surface area. We’re trimmed flat on the water, with a solid locked–in position that gives performance levels clearly superior to all its competitors, on any tack. This is the Futura’s strength. In this group, it was the board that was most talked about, the one that gave the most exciting ride and the fastest speed. In the jibes: one of the tightest jibers with the best speed.