Starboard iSonic 111, Wind Magazine (France), Feb 2008

The machine to challenge the wind!

The board comes with two good Drake 36 & 44 fins. The Starboard iSonic 111 is the shortest board in the range and the scoop is also lower. Be careful because it can sink really easy in none planing conditions and when you are tacking. With an on/off feeling when you get planing, it is important to get into the foot straps quickly. When sailing the nose stays really low and gives you excellent control all the time. You just need to get into the straps and follow the trim indication to go fast. The board immediately feels really good and comfortable. It is very powerful in the tail and it is advised to use 38/40 fins for a 7,8m to get the correct foiling effect. When the board is trimmed correctly the board keeps accelerating and has an impressive Speed. ItÂ’s the easiest board in the bottom-end with excellent performance. The board is really impressive particularly sailing upwind and on a reach; the iSonic provides you with a high average speed and super acceleration in all tacks. The board holds a strong direction, so much that you need sometimes more time to change direction than you expected. The iSonic is an excellent board on the market for top performance and control.

+     Top performances, control, easy to trim good jibe exit, good upwind, 2 fins.

-     Less responsive in changing tacks.