Starboard Flare 98 WoodCarbon, German Surf (Germany), Oct 2008

Material/Production: Gelcoat–Sandwich
Fin: Drake Crossover 24,0 cm/US–Box/G10

"SURF" measurement:
Volume: 98,4 liters
Weight: 6,15 kg
Length: 238,0 cm
Width: 62,5 cm

On Land:

The first big difference in comparison to last year's model is noticeable when you lift up the board: instead of 7.1 KG, it only weighs now 6.2 KG. Also, there is the characteristic channel along the rails, which allows for a rounder deck contour. The foot straps are relatively hard but are now easy to adjust for big feet and can be altered in seconds via one Velcro stripe only. No additional screwdriver is needed for the fin in the US–Box, the one that comes along for the foot straps works.

On Water:

Within the first few meters it is noticeable that the cure has done the Starboard way: The new Flare feels by far, more lively and agile than the model from the previous year. The board planes early and accelerates to top speed with only a little sheeting in. In comparison to last year, the Starboard feels free and sporty. The rounded deck dome gives a comfortable feel in the upwind position, without putting stress on the ankles.

Short characteristic:

Starboard improved a lot compared to the previous year model – agile, sporty and extremely well balanced. Everybody can use the board. It doesn't matter if you are a Classic or New school Trickster, a lightweight or heavy weight sailor. The flare convinces predominantly through user range, it belongs with out doubt to the best free style boards of 2009.

Surf–tip: top–all–rounder
The feeling is more direct and comfortable while sailing.

Freestyle: 5 of 5 possible stars
Free ride: 3 of 5 possible stars

Moves (13 – 15 = excellent):
turn ability: 13 of 15 points
jumping: 15 of 15 points
jumping with rotation: 14 of 15 points
sliding backwards: 14 of 15 points

sliding rotation: 15 of 15 points
classic freestyle: 14 of 15 points

planning: 13 of 15 points
acceleration: 14 of 15 points