Starboard Evo XTV 80 WoodCarbon, Windsurf (UK), Oct 2008


Advanced to Pro :

A fantastic "do it all" board in the waves: rewarding and easily attainable performance across a huge range of users and in an equally massive range of conditions.


• Carbon/wood construction with a light finish
• Recommended mast foot setting
• Easy to adjust, comfortable Drake footstarps with leather uppers so they hold their shape and a double screw   attachment for the back strap
• Grippy deck pads with a "unidirectional grip fish scale" design and integrated heel bumpers
• G10 CNC milled Drake Natural Wave 24cm fin (US fin box)
• Flat deck with a progressive dome towards the edges
• Drawn out plan shape with width extending into the nose and tail
• Rounded tail


The Evo planes relatively early and accelerates up to speed easily, concaves in the hull working effectively and efficiently. The board settles at a controlled pace with the rider composed and ready for straight line blasting, jumping, riding or gybing. The Starboard feels good underfoot and comfortable when up to speed, sailing with good deckpads and footstraps. The Evo jumps well, taking off easily and feeling floaty yet controlled in the air. When the wind picks up and sea state gets rougher, the board remains exceptionally composed, allowing the rider to focus on what they are doing or what they are going to do next!


In turns:

The Evo caters for a wide range of gybers, as it is very forgiving and easy to carve, yet also enjoys being driven in harder by the more experienced. A flat deck and width around the mast foot allow for easy tacking.

In waves:

The Starboard is a very good all rounder: from providing an easy platform to take out on mushy onshore days, through to performing tight arcs and good cutbacks in down the line conditions for more advanced sailors. This is the do everything board: onshore to side shore, clean waves to mush, backside or frontside riding and first timer through to seasoned expert looking for a little more volume, but not loss of easy performance.

(+) Good construction and fittings, the Evo is easy to sail, applicable for an immense user range in just as big a range of conditions.

(–) Really not much to fault, but more experienced wave sailors looking for greater radical performance might find the Kode 80 or Evil Twin 80 a little more to their taste.