Starboard Kode 94 WoodCarbon, Windsurf (UK), Nov - Dec 2008


Advanced to Pro: A great all-rounder, satisfying all the needs of a sailor looking for a good blend of freeride, freestyle and wave performance… and then some!

  •  Wood/carbon construction with Aztec graphics
  •  Uni-directional grip fish scale deck pads, raised for better cushioning
  •  Comfortable, easy to adjust Drake footstraps (with leather uppers for shape and longevity)
  •  K9 anti-twist footstrap inserts and inboard or outboard positioning options
  •  Recommended setting on the mast track for effective mast foot positioning
  •  G10CNC milled 28cm Drake Crossover fin (US/Classic box)
  •  Domed deck and rounded tail
  •  Rounded outline shape with width extending into the nose and tail


The Kode 94 planes reasonably early, feeling controlled and engaging from the off. When up to speed it is comfortable, compact and electric underfoot (hardly feeling 95 litres!) with classically good Starboard deckpads and footstraps. The board is fast in a straight line, offering good freeride performance, and its compact nature also gives the rider a sense of wanting to try some manoeuvres, whether carving around or getting some air time. The 94 jumps exceptionally well due to its speed, and is floaty and easy to control in the air due to its compact nature. As the wind picks up and the water state becomes confused, the Kode handles the overpowered conditions well, vee in the hull providing a smooth ride and the board remaining composed and controllable.


In turns: the Kode gybes very smoothly and enjoys being driven hard into the turn as well as offering a good platform for more tentative technique. It tacks easily with a wide flat deck for sure foot placement.

In waves: it is great fun, combining ease of use with a hint of radical seasoning: the board bottom turns easily and can be tightened up fantastically for more performance. Cut backs are very rewarding as it is quite loose and radical, making the most out of small waves, whilst also being able to tear up a good size swell. From side shore to onshore, tutoring a first timer, to satisfying the more advanced wave-head on a marginal day, the Kode was one of the testers’ favourites for wave performance.

In freestyle: good potential as tutor as well as possessing good performance. The Kode pops, carves and jumps well, with a good nose for slides.

(+) A well designed and put together all-rounder for a huge range of users and abilities across a large spectrum of disciplines, from freeride to freestyle and wave performance.

(-) Not much to fault here … another favourite amongst the test team!