Starboard Quad 81 WoodCarbon, Wind Magazine (France), Oct 2009

Exceptional user range


The shape is a widestyle design that comes from the Evos. The main feature is the four fin setup, where the larger fins are in the front. The bottom shape around the fin area is a simple monoconcave.

On the water

The Starboard Quad is a board that is very competitive in early planing and it's pretty fast in a straight line. The nose is quite low, which makes the ride smooth in sensation. This gives lots of easy, natural control even in strong winds, which boosts the board's wind range. You can use 4.2/4.0 sails without a problem. The other big advantage: an incredible upwind bite. This simply optimizes the ability to jump in side onshore conditions and your time spent riding waves. When surfing, it is forgiving with your weight placements and the Quad is actually not a technical board - even though it may need some getting used to for some.

It is the board that generates the most speed in the wave, especially when you're carving multiple turns. The board is also very good at drawing out longer turns and keeping lots of control. The amount of grip available on the turn (both on the bottom and the top turn) and those through foam is simply impressive. The rail to rail section is very good, that allows for a very radical cut back. Note that pivoting at the end of a bottom turn does not work, the board needs to ride off the rails to turn at its best.


Superbly at ease on its rails, maneuverable and fast, Starboard offers here a quad that is not as reserved for the specialist as one could think. The board proved to have a very wide sail range and also adaptable to a very wide range of conditions, from side onshore to side offshore where it was always very effective. You can even boost the maneuverability with some smaller fin options.