Starboard Kode 94 WoodCarbon, Windsurf (UK), Nov - Dec 2009

You'll like... A great wind range and a board that will adjust to suit any style of sailor

You won't like... The slightly drawn out turns when you're on a wave it can be tricky to tighten them quickly if you need to.

Why not try... The Kode 94 if you're looking for only 1 board. Its ability to change characteristics when you ask it brings a smile to your face every time!


The Kode feels very stable from the beach. With a lot of volume packed into the depth of the board, especially around the tail, the ride feels more directional than others. Getting onto the plane was easy and the straight line speed was quick. Up wind the Kode pointed high and off the wind the Starboard seemed to accelerate faster than most. Driving off the fin in a straight line was where we enjoyed this board the most.


The Kode controls well in bump and jump conditions. Popping the board was a little harder but once in the air the control was great, floating forever followed by smooth landings often planing away with ease. With the two strap option at the back the Kode has incredible speed and feels very directionally stable, then with the one back strap your weight can be bought over the board to give much more maneuverability. Essential if you want to venture into the waves. The Kode carves well and is very sure of its line. Slightly sharper rails than last year mixed with a more pin tail offer a good combination for getting speed on a wave then smooth drawn out turns bring you back up the face and off to the next section. Downsizing to a slightly smaller fin, freestyle is a lot of fun. The domed deck gets you sliding well and the added depth to the tail this year gives you a bit of time to complete a move as you slow down.


As a good freewave board should do, the Kode offers good performance over a whole array of disciplines. Plenty of control and speed mixed with good maneuverability.


These new 2010 Kodes are simply another step up from the 2009 range. Tiesda You


The production fin is best for blasting, try a smaller fin for freestyle and a good wave fin when wave sailing. Tiesda You