Starboard Kode 103 WoodCarbon, Windsurf (UK), Jan - Feb 2010

Volume (l) 103
Weight (kg) 6.6
Length (cm) 237
Width at widest point (cm) 65
Construction Wood Carbon
Fin (cm) Drake Crossover 300

You'll like... The electric and exciting ride that this board delivers in all conditions You won't like... getting electrocuted! Why not try... The smaller models for a more hardcore wave focus


From the side the Starboard Kode 103 is a lot thinner in profile than anything else in this test. With most of the volume in th width around the mast foot, it has a wide nose and tail that pins in at the very tip. This board is extremely light, over half a kilo less than anything else on test, this was down to the wood and carbon construction which comes at and increased cost but the Kode is available in other, less expensive, constructions. It has comfortable and easy to adjust Drake footstraps with both in and or outboard options and soft, good gripping fish scale footpads with a well shaped domed deck under your feet. 30cm fin with US fin box and a claimed sail range 5.0-7.0


The Kode is very stable under your feet and, with plenty of volume where it's needed; it accelerates extremely rapidly and gets up onto the plane very early. In the footstraps it's comfortable with dome under your back foot and the board offering lots of feedback and feel as you blast along. The Kode is easily one of the fastest boards on the test, it just seemed to keep on accelerating regardless of the water conditions. It gives an electric and exhilarating ride as it charges over any chop. When you get to the corners it gybed superbly, almost automatically, with long drawn out or tight cranked turns, it didn't matter, this board just doesn't slow down and you get so much feedback through the turn, thanks to it's thinner profile, that it is almost impossible to drop a gybe! Its turning capabilities also shine through in waves. The Starboard is and extremely capable freestyle board, with good volume in the nose and tail it will easily slide round any freestyle trick that you want to throw down, the US fin box on this board gives you tuning options, setting the fin back gives you more slide/speed and forward gives you more grip/manoeuvrability, also fitting a smaller fin will really unleash the true freestyle potential of this board. In the air the Kode likes to go big, point your toes, get the wind under it and you'll fly! It always remained in control and was easy to throw around in the air.


An extremely adaptable board that does everything you ask of it. Crisp and exciting to ride. Highly recommended thrill seeking multi purpose machine.